Star-Wars: KOTOR

Free Roam Camera
Go to the messages GUI and enter the following code. 'Punch it Chewie' will appear in the messages. Press start to get out of the GUI panel and then press the Right analog stick down (like you're going into first person view).
Code Effect
X, Left, A, X Unlock camera for freeroam

Contributed By: zachok
Attack while stunned
Well, if an enemy has used ''Insanity'' or ''Stasis'' or another move that causes you to freeze and not be able to attack, you can push the White button, pausing the game. Now, switch to different characters and give them new commands, such as using medpacks, or attacking, or something of the sort. Go back to the characer that you paused on, and un-pause. Your party should perform what you told them too, giving you a helping hand during a losing battle. You will go back to your frozen position after the first action is performed, but you can just pause, and re-select or select some more, and they will perform those also.
Contributed By: Stygian Undead
Beat any boss
To defeat any boss and take no damage, attack the opponent. When the attack is done and you have succesfully given damage, pause the game, save it, and load the game you just saved. It will instantly be your turn and you can keep this up and beat any enemy/ boss without letting them attack once.
Contributed By: EGLancer1
Bypass the droids at Kashyyyk's star map
After you have the conversation with the thing (vague because of spoilers, you'll know) before Kashyyyk's map, you will be forced to fight 2 very strong droids. If you wish not to fight them, simply run away and trigger the Star Map. Your party members will continue fighting them, but will not lose any health. Let this go on for as long as possible. After the star map cutscene, run in the opposite direction of the droids, and get your party to come with you. You're supposed to have to kill these droids before getting the map, but for some reason you don't have to.
Contributed By: Rev4n
Dak Vasser glitch
When you talk to Dak Vasser in the Valley of the Sith lords with Juhani in your party then let him leave, you find him in the Korriban cantina tell him you will not let him leave, Then kill him take his belongings then leave the area then return he is still there.
Contributed By: Darkstyle
Duplicate Bastilla's lightsaber and gain extra experience
To do this trick, you must have agreed with Kandon to ride in the swoop race for the Black Vulkars. Then, go back into the Vulkar base, steal the Prototype Accelerator, and bring it back to the Beks. After you have raced, won Bastilla, and have returned to the Upper City with her, put all the items you have collected from the battle in the foot locker next to the work bench in your hideout each time you perform this trick, otherwise the duplication of the items will not work. You can now go back to the Lower City and tell Gadon's Bodyguard that you have the accelerator again. You will then be able to go to the swoop track again. It will appear as if Bastilla has just escaped from Brejik. You can then talk to her and she will act as if you just rescued her. After your conversation, you will return to your hideout with: Bastilla's lightsaber, Brejiks Arm Band and Belt, and 525 experience points. However your game will not be reset. You can repeat this trick as many times as desired before leaving Taris.
Contributed By: Salarian
Duplicate Items with Zaalbar.
In order to do this, you must have not completed the Kashyyyk main quest.

1. Bring Zaalbar out with you onto the planet of Kashyyyk and equip any items you want duplicated on him.

2. Before approeching the gate to the Wookie village, save the game and then remove all items that Zaalbar has on him.

3. Procede into the cut scene.

4. Complete the mission, either light or dark, and get Zaalbar back into your party.

5. All items you removed from Zaalbar will be in your inventory and he will have them on his person also, thus, they were duplicated.
Contributed By: Pie Penguin

Easy Path to the Light Side
On the Planet Dantooine, Once you recieve the mission to travel to the Sandral estate. Go to the Sandral Estate, Talk to the droid and you represent the council. Once inside, the head of the estate approaches you. Once hes done talking to you the daughter approaches you. First say to her, ''What i do is my own business''. You'll recieve dark points at first, but talk to her again. Apologize, then choose either of the next options, then she'll tell you her name then say, ''I dont have time to listen to this.'' Light side points gained and keep repeating from ''Apologize'' to gain LS points.
Contributed By: Hanzoman
Forcing enemies to skip their turns
NOTE: This only works with enemies that have melee weapons (i.e. not kathhounds) and usually enemies without lightsabers. Running up to an enemy forces them to take out their melee weapon. Run a short distance away (not too far or else they will take out their ranged weapon again) and select rapid fire. You will fire on the enemy while they spend their turn running after you not allowing them to attack you at all. The best place this works is in the dueling pit (i.e. one on one battles).
Contributed By: R2 D2
Free entry into Ahto city.
This glitch gets you into the city, without going through the pay station( you don't pay a docking fee).

To do this, after leaving the Ebon Hawk on Mannan, head toward the private hangar. Stand outside the private hangar door, and attempt to pick the lock, this will fail. Push right up to the door and then go to your character selection screen. Select any new character into your party and they should appear on the other side of the hangar door.

With this character kill all the enimes beyond the door, then go to the transporter and select it. It will ask if you want to travel to the sith base, say yes and enter the base.

When inside the base, you can leave through a door inside, this takes you into the city.

The only downside to this trick, is that you can only get into the city through the sith base, and you can only leave through the quick Transit Syestem, but it saves you 500 credits!
Contributed By: Crudeoyle
Galaxy Droid
After escaping the Leviathan, you will speak with your party members about whether or not they can trust you. Make sure to ask HK-47. When the dialogue sequence has ended, speak to HK-47 again. You can now say, "I want to start a fighter simulation". Select this, and you will begin a black-and-white fighter simulation. When you have destroyed every fighter, the screen will turn from black-and-white to colour. You will then see a cut-scene of the Ebon Hawk flying through space. A Galaxy Droid should now be present in the cockpit. If you speak to it, it will take you to any planet on the game, including the Endar Spire, Taris, Dantooine, Unknown World and the Star Forge. If you travel to the Endar Spire or Star Forge the game will freeze, and if you travel to Taris or Dantooine, you will not be able to return to the Ebon Hawk.
Contributed By: Bobfoc22
Infitie experince on Korriban
If you go to the Sith academy on korriban onto the upper level where the dueling arena is there is a computer where you can "Read data files" if you keep doing this you can gain as much experince as you want note you need computer spikes to do this or a very high computer skill level This also only can be done before you do the sith trials inside the catacombs
Contributed By: DKCrono
Item Duping
To dupe any equipable item, just do the following:

1) Go to the submarine base on mannan.

2. When you get in the base, go to one of the air locks (doesn't matter which one)

3. Equip anything you want to be duped (swords, armor, gloves, implants, etc)

4. Save your game.

5. Unequip everything that you just equiped on your companions.

6. Exit through the air lock.

7. When in the water, go right back inside.

8. Your companions will now be wearing everything you just took off of them.
Contributed By: Dradeel 2
Not earning dark side or light side points
Ok, sometimes when you end a conversation, you can gain light side, or dark side points. To not earn these, simply after ending conversation, this must be done very quickly, press start and save game. After saving, load the game and you shouldn't have earned any light/dark points. For example, in the duel rings of Taris, when you fight Bendak, to not gain any dark points, save/load after commentary and you haven't gained any dark points!
Contributed By: JMan30
Ridiculous Game Hour count
Okay, save before going into a cutscene (Like when you take off in the Ebon Hawk for the first time). Right as the cutscene starts, quickly turn the X-Box off then on again. Your game will automatically resume a few moments later at the cutscene. When you next save, a LARGE sum of hours will be added onto your time - Doing this twice in a row got me 140000+h added onto my gametime.
Contributed By: Zelloss
Travel anywhere.
After the part in the Leviathan, you'll be attacked by fighters everytime you leave a planet. The first time I did this, Everyone was in spot they were during the scene after the Leviathan, and you have Zalbaar in your party. T3 will be gone when you make your parties now, replaced by the duplicate Zalbaar. Anyway, in the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk, there will be a droid called "galaxy travel droid". Talk to him, and he'll let you choose where you want to go. The cool thing about this is, you can travel anywhere, such as Taris, Dantooine, Star Forge, and the Endar Spire.
Contributed By: ratface
Unlimited Experience
Warning, this cheat take a lot of time and patience. On Korriban, inside the Sith Academy, you'll find a student you've met before who seems to be having problems with the Academy. After a little conversation and coaxing, he'll admit he doesn't feel right at the Academy. You'll then be able to suggest a choice of three paths. If you suggest the Jedi order, you'll get 500 xp and he'll leave. If you suggest he stick it out, you'll bet 100 xp and the conversation will end. If simply suggest that he leave and don't take a specific path, he'll get up to leave, you'll get 300 xp. As he's leaving, you can now stop him and talk to him again as he's trying to leave and start the whole thing over again. Keep doing this and you'll receive 300 xp each time.
Contributed By: wildgues
Unlimited experience points on Korriban
when on Korriban and your talking to yuthura ban about the sith code you get 125 exp. points. without exiting the converssation you can keep asking her about it. So you will get 125 exp points times how many times you ask her.
Contributed By: sml909
Double Bendak Blasters
To get double Bendak Blasters and extra money, go through the Arena quest and get to Twitch. Defeat Twitch and instead of talking to the Hutt to get your money, talk to Bendak and get the Deathmatch. Then, talk to Ajuur and he will talk about bribing officers and not give you the money. Leave, return, then talk to Ajuur to fight Bendak. When you kill him, talk to Ajuur again to get the 700 credits and Bendak Blaster. Talk to him once more and he will act as if you just defeated Twitch, but a \"700 Credits\" and \"Item(s) Received\" message will appear. Check your items and you will have two Bendak Blasters.
Contributed By: Salarian
Easy Dark Points in Dantooine
Talk to Mr. Matale, in the end, when he offers you a bribe, demand 2000 credits, and you'll get dark side points. Once he goes back into his estate talk to the droid to get him to come back out, simply repeat the process until you receive an infinite amount of those beloved Dark Points

Contributed By: dagkyo
Easy Dark Side Points
Once you have found Sasha in the Ebon Hawk, tell her to go away. Keep saying go away. Once she starts to run away, catch her before she can leave and repeat this process. If she gets too close to the door, say ''A little girl? How did you get in here?''
Then say ''Don't worry, I won't hurt you.''
Then, ''Err....okay, whatever you say.''
Repeat this whole process until you have the level you want. I did this and it took about 5-10 minutes to turn completely dark from about 3/4 down. You can only do this when you talk to her the first time, before you get off the ship on the next planet.
Contributed By: bluedragonkilr
Easy Money
When you are on the Ebon Hawk talk to Canderous and ask him for stimulints. Keep asking for them until he won't give you anymore. Sell the stimulints and go ask Canderous for more. Keep doing this until you have the desired amount of money.
Contributed By: califonia
Hidden Ending
(You need two controllers for this trick)

Before the the final battle with Darth Malak press the L & R Triggers plus the Y Button on all controllers that you have plugged into the Xbox. It's recommended to have the primary controller in port 1 and another controller in port 4. This must be done before you enter the door to face Darth Malak. You'll know if you did it right if your Jedi takes out her/his lightsaber. Then open the door and walk up to Malak and talk to him.
Contributed By: dmarteng
Infinite Dark Side Points on Manaan
After you've come up from the Secret Kolto Base on the ocean floor, you'll be confronted by Roland Wann. He'll ask you what went on, tell him what happened. Now, choose the option ''I'm sure a few credits will help me keep quiet'' or something close to that. He'll say that's rediculous and the conversation will end. Talk to him again and select the same item, each time you'll get a Dark Side point. Use this until you're as bad as you want to be.
Contributed By: Samonosuke
Misc. Secrets
Voice Modulation
(Note: You need two controllers for this trick)
With your primary controller plugged into ports 1, 2 or 3 have a second controller plugged into port 4. While playign the game, press the black or white button on the second controller to raise and lower the pitch of the in-game voices.

Keep the Sandpeople Robes
Once you obtain the robes and complete the associated quest, equip it to another party member when you select the option of handing it over.

Fun with Bastila's Wardrobe
Equip Bastila with dark robes and then remove them to see her in slightly different underwear.
Contributed By: Tenshi No Shi
Quick Money
On the Ebon Hawk, ask Mission for a security spike. She will give you one whenever you ask, unlike other members. You can keep asking. When you have the maximum amount, sell them and come back and ask her for more.
Contributed By: MGRaiden
Quick Money
Get the grenades made by the Wookie on your ship, and set yourself on any planet with a store. Sell the grenades, then go to the Wookie for more. Repeat this over until you get however much you want.
Contributed By: dark trunks
Unlimited credits, Lightsaber Crystals, and Jedi robes
Talk to Dak Vessar on Korriban near the first tomb on your left while Juhani is in your party. He will go to the cantina. Switch Juhani out of your party. Talk to Dak; tell him that you will not let him leave, then fight him. Save the game and load it after you have killed him. You can keep doing this for as long as desired to get credits, a Lightsaber Crystal, and a Jedi Knight robe each time.
Contributed By: Salarian