MechAssault II: Lone Wolf
                                  For X-BOX
                                By Paul Willis 
                         Subliminal Celsius on GameFAQs
                                 Version 1.00
                            Creation date: 3-05-05
                                Paul Willis 2005
About this FAQ:
This is an FAQ for the single-player campaign of MechAssault II. It will
cover game basics, a beginning to end Walkthrough for single-player, and some 
general strategies for combat.  

Author's note:
MechAssault II: Lone Wolf is one of many games based on the Battletech 
universe. Most of us are familiar with the MechWarrior series. MechAssault 
simplifies the strategic and simulation gameplay of most MechWarrior games 
and gives us a whole new look on how games of this nature can be done. As a 
sequel to MechAssault, while veterans may not agree with many new things, 
this is, more or less, a new and improved game, and not just updated content. 
Hopefully this guide will help some of you out there that need the help.

Table of contents (CTRL+F for quick-search)
* Basics of a MechWarrior
* Walkthrough
- Street Sweeper
- Signs of Life
- Tank Rush
- Lets Get Off This Rock
- To The Rescue
- Mech Shoppin
- Go Time On Thestria 
- Swamp Rock
- Eight Feet Under
- Valley of Death
- There's Gonna Be A Jailbreak
- I Hate Snakes
- Mountain Song
- Sending Out An SOS
- Once More Into The Breach
- To The Arena
- Hold The Line
- Gladiator Has Nothing On Us
- Against Spiders
- Skin The Cat
- End Game/Checkmate

* Mech & Vehicle details
* Copyright and credits
* Affiliates


|Basics of a MechWarrior|
- Movement
+The following commands suggest you are using default controller 

Left joystick > moves pilot, BattleArmor, Mech, or Vehicle. Click in for 
Right joystick > rotates camera, click in to activate defense.
Right trigger > fires currently selected weapon
Left trigger > changes weapon selection
D-pad > used to change VTOL cargo
Y button > Enter/exit Mech or vehicle. 
X button > Tank zoom view
B button > Drop VTOL cargo, cancel menu selection
A button > BattleArmor claw, pick up VTOL cargo, confirm menu selection.
White button > View game tips/player options
Black button > N/A
START button > Pause game
BACK button > Back/Cancel

- Motion and how it relates to your aim:
If you've ever played Halo or another Xbox FPS, or maybe even the first 
MechAssault game, you'll feel right at home here.
+Control actual character movement with left stick, control the direction you 
are facing/aiming with the right stick. 

- Mechs and their features:
A Mech is short for BattleMech, a bipedal tank of sorts that is anywhere from 
35 to 100 tons and about the size of your average tower.
They are essential to any conflict in MechAssault II. You want one, always. 
Not only are they the most dangerous things around, but also the safest thing 
to be in. 

- Mech Class:
There are four Mech classes, which define a Mech's speed and arsenal in a 
single word. They are: Light, Medium, Heavy, and Assault. 

+Light Mechs = Fast, light armored, light firepower (sometimes 2 weapons 
instead of 3!), and smaller than all other Mechs.

+Medium Mechs = Average speed, but slow only to Light Mechs. A good balance 
of firepower and armor as well. Nothing in particular stands out about these 
Mechs, other than that they hold a distinct balance in their attributes that 
other Mechs do not.

+Heavy Mechs = Slow speed, heavy armor, heavy firepower. In reality, these 
Mechs are symbolic to the very meaning of Mech. The Heavy class is also the 
most robust class, with many different kinds of Mechs. Unlike other classes, 
Heavy Mechs have Mechs in their own class that contains separate attributes. 
Such as the Mad Cat; this really is only slightly slower than most Medium 
Mechs, but slightly faster than its Heavy counterparts. 

+Assault Mechs = Slowest speed, > defense than Heavy, heaviest firepower. 
These are the heavy hitters. By coincidence, nearly all Assault Mechs are 
intimidating in appearance. Look at the Atlas, for example. Unfortunately, 
these Mechs dish out more punishment than they can take. 

- Special Mech equipment
I'll mention the likes of jumpjets and the different Mech "defenses" used.

+Jumpjets = They are a feature that various classes of Mechs, except assault, 
are outfitted with. I will list later in this guide which Mechs have them and 
which do not, but it is something very easy to figure out on your own. 
Jumpjets are only ever temporary, and in some cases, limit your mobility to 
actually dodging some fire, as you hover once you reach your max height and 
slowly descend. This varies with Mechs like the Catapult. At any rate, you 
can hold in the thumbstick to get your full jump, or click and hold in 
controlled bursts, to throw off your opponents aim better. The gauge 
recharges fairly quickly. They are useful for getting over things, among 
other obvious things... because when you have them, you really do want to use.

+Defenses = Also known as "Defensive Armor Mods" these are abilities MOST 
Mechs are outfitted with to help your performance in battle. Others are 
considered special weapons.

Null Signature - This removes you from your enemies' radar and gives you a 
sort of optical camouflage, meaning that as long as that gauge is still 
there, although slowly decreasing, you'll be harder to see! It works well for 
sneak attacks or getting by unnoticed and often untouched, but vigilant 
opponents will see you. Your movement and firing of weapons give you away and 
increase your visibility. Looking hard enough, you can be spotted while 
standing still.

Target Jamming - Many weapons, like lasers, have an auto-aim feature. 
However, when used, this disables that effect on your Mech. Great all around, 
but it's too bad it's only used on three Mechs. 

Active AMS - Anti-Missile System. As long as it lasts, it will help you to 
avoid damage from MOST tracking missiles. This excludes Hammer missiles, POV 
missiles, mortars, and of course, non-missile weaponry. 

Alpha Strike - Available for some Assault class Mechs exclusively. Once all 
weapons are completely powered up, you must charge this up. It is used like a 
really big PPC. You have to wait until it is completely charged to fire, 
which takes a while. It has about the same amount of tracking as PPCs do, 
too. A hit from this will immediately destroy all but a few of the toughest 
Mechs. After you fire this, you are vulnerable - you instantly overheat and 
all weapons are reduced to level one. 

Super Shield - Only used by two Mechs and the POV turret. If you played 
MechAssault, you'll remember this baby. Well, it's been balanced slightly 
better. It takes time to charge upon entering the machine of choice, and then 
negates incoming fire for a few seconds.
Defensive armor mods - reflective and reactive: 
+ Blue armor mod is reflective. It protects from energy attacks, halving 
+ Yellow armor mod is reactive. It protects from ballistic attacks, halving 
...Both will prevent neurohacking from BattleArmor as long as they last.

Quick tips to any Mech battle:
+ Always keep on the move, and keep your foe guessing. 
+ Always use cover. Let them keep firing and throw off their aim. Use hit-n-
run tactics in this way.
+ Use your radar to tell what you're up against. The big red dots are your 
biggest threats. See them before they see you, as a first strike can count.
+ Mix up your weaponry while fighting. Switch to another and fire as one is 
loading and back to it again, or to another.
+ Always watch your heat build up and time your shots so you won't be nearly 
defenseless in a fight. 
+ Know what weapons are effective at what range. This is especially important 
in lighter Mechs versus the heavier ones. Stay away and chip away with your 
long range weapons, if possible. That heavier Mech will almost always eat you 
alive if you get too close. 
+Don't pull your luck by standing near to an exploding Mech. Always know when 
this is coming to avoid being taken down by your own kill or being a part of 
someone else's double kill! 
+Standing in water will slightly decrease the heat your Mech generates. Thus, 
fighting in water is encouraged, especially for Heavier Mechs. 
+ Salvage is important! You can usually get some from buildings, but more 
often you can obtain health and weapon upgrades from the remains of destroyed 
Mechs and vehicles. 

- Weapons Analysis 
Three kinds of weapons in MA2: Energy, Ballistic, and Missile. I will briefly 
examine them here for you. Be aware that until powered up, all weapons have 
infinite ammo at default level. 

These include lasers, pulse lasers, and PPCs. 
Energy weapons often are used at close to medium range but generate the most 
heat and at the quickest rate. In many cases, the more you have, the better, 
but the more heat you get. Some, like the Flamethrower, actually generate 
more heat for your enemy, than damage. 

These include Machineguns, gauss rifles, and autocannons AKA AC. 
The greatest thing about these weapons is how little heat they generate. 
Aside from the gauss rifle, they are not very powerful, so it is quantity 
over quality when examining these weapons. The Ballistic weapons also include 
the games two most oft used long-range weapons, other than missiles: the 
gauss and AC. Both also can knock an enemy down if it hits their legs, 
although this only happens sometimes, and AC has a greater chance of knocking 
them down. 

These are the bread and butter of any fight. Sometimes you can win almost 
exclusively with missiles. Missiles actually come in different types. You 
have the Crossbow SRM, Hammer, Javelin, and POV missiles. They all feature 
superior tracking as compared to other weapons, but must lock onto an 
opponent, in most cases, to be fully utilized. Dumb-fire, or non-tracking 
missiles like the Hammer and POV, trade this attribute for things like power 
and mobility. 

- Cosmetic damage
I call this tip cosmetic because of how it really relates to appearance 
telling you the health of a Mech.

75% health - Indicated by small number of yellow sparks around Mech.
50% health - Indicated by black smoke and more sparking. 
25% health - Indicated by blue sparks and more black smoke, as well as fire.
10% or less health - Indicated by limping and golden cracks around Mech. 

...And now onto the walkthrough.


Prologue: MA2 begins shortly after MA. The technology recovered from the 
LosTech discovered from the last game has led to new technologies for the 
Wolf's Dragoons, such as the BattleArmor. 

-Street Sweeper-
First level features some urban combat in the BattleArmor - just enough to 
get you used to it. You'll first face tanks, and infantry are practically 
harmless. The buildings give you plenty of cover and a nice "playroom" to 
mess around with. Everything is best destroyed with mortars - not too close, 
splash damage will put a hurting on you! Shoot any trucks you see for health 
or weapon upgrades.

When at the area with tanks emerging from tunnels, destroy the tunnels ASAP.
This will stop more from coming. Decent mortar shot will do.  Shortly after 
this, you'll deal with helicopters. You'll need to use your laser.

Climb over the wall, facing 3 tanks and infantry. Goods nearby, to help you 
finish off the ship nearby with your mortars. 

After that, hustle back to your team's location and protect them briefly from 
enemies. You'll have to do some climbing to get there. 

-Signs of Life-
Neurohacking that Cougar Mech is your top priority! Don't worry, it's a 
pretty simple task, you just have to catch up to it, jump at it, and press A. 
Tap the buttons as they appear, like a game of Simon says. If you don't want 
to, or cannot hack this Mech, for whatever reason, you can find a vacant 
Cougar Mech south of your starting location. Or if you want, destroy him with 
your BattleArmor, and good luck! 

Follow nav point, jumpjet over the wall, and face Uller Mech here. The Uller 
is about as fast as your Cougar, but has somewhat crappy firepower. When 
you're done, jumpjet again and help out your new ally against the Ullers. 
Nothing to worry about with a Hellbringer on your side. 

-Tank Rush-
Just run up to the Rommel Tank and enter quickly. Run over the infantry as 
though they weren't there, but take the road nice and slow from here. Don't 
fire or act suspicious until your cover is breached as was intended... you'll 
know when you get the cutscene. The Rommel tank isn't that fast, and you 
can't use the Null Signature it usually comes with. The gravity cannon it 
packs is your most useful weapon, put machine guns are better up close, so 
use them here.

Protect the APC following you always. It's pretty linear from here, just 
follow the road, both don't hesitate to explore at branching paths, like when 
you get to the fork in the road. Elementals are probably your worst enemy, 
aside from turrets. They're the fastest enemies, so use a mix of machineguns 
and cannon shots.  Eventually you'll meet one Mech. It's a Light one, and you 
should have at least one of your weapons powered up at this point. Aim for 
it's legs with your cannon and fire until it goes down, then keep firing or 
switch to your machineguns. You can make better use of cover than the Mech 
can, because of your size. 

West of here, you'll meet a tank, and to the left of that tank, past more 
turrets and Elementals, you will find a hangar. Inside, is an Owens Mech. 
Take it and head for the spaceport. 

-Lets Get Off This Rock- 
I recommend staying in your Owens, at least for the moment. It's speed is 
invaluable and you won't get much health - should you sustain heavy damage, 
until you destroy one of the Mechs that come much later in the level. But why 
risk it when you can head back to the hangar and grab the Belial? Your call.

As for the Mechs, there are two, and they both use Null Signature. As fast as 
they are, they are medium class Mechs and unless you're pretty good, your 
Won't stand up to them. As for the mission, just remember to defend the 
Icarus - for after the largest threats to the Icarus first, then others. Make 
sure to destroy the gates and tunnels before you do anything else. 

-To The Rescue-
You'll face 2 waves of enemies at your LZ. Close combat means a good workout 
of the flamethrower on your new ride. Save as many Kuritans here as you can, 
and elsewhere, as you head from base to base. 

At the last Kuritan base, before you assault the enemies, you can take the 
Rommel tank there if you want, and provide support fire instead. At the enemy 
base and it's gates, you can simply jumpjet over them instead of hacking the 

-Mech Shopping-
Hitch a ride on the VTOL and get off where you want. I recommend ignoring the 
enemy Mechs, instead running from them, and make it your priority to destroy 
all turrets and buildings tanks are coming out of, as well as the tanks. 

Hack the enemy Cougar Mech, then take his back to your ship, and then take 
another Cougar. For your last Mech, head to the other side of the base. 
You'll have to clear this area like you did with the first. There are two Mad 
Dog's. I suggest you neurohack the enemy Mad Dog and take it back.

When you've got enough Mechs, you'll have to defend the Icarus. It should be 
easy if you stayed in your Mad Dog mech.

-Go Time On Thestria-
For quite a bit, you really don't have much to worry about. When you do meet 
up with the Mad Dog Mechs, you'll soon be attacked by three Uller Mechs. 
Whatever you do, keep your allies alive. While unlikely to actually be killed 
by direct Uller fire, they can die from their explosions, just like you. 
Next, you'll fight two Timer Wolf Mechs. They are deadly at a distance, but 
not so much up close, making this a quick and easy battle if you play your 
cards right.

Your final fight will be against two Atlas Mechs! Stay at a fair distance and 
use terrain to your advantage. The two Mad Dog's are also a great 

-Swamp Rock-
Go forward until you come to a camp. A Thor Mech will come out from the 
Get close and hack ASAP! Get in it and go through the trees - destroy the 3 
missiles. After this, you're attacked by a Thor Mech and other enemy forces. 
Focus on the Thor - to fight Thors, do not use your machine gun while their 
yellow armor is up. Make use of yours when it starts shooting you with 
machine guns, and chip away its health with missiles/lasers until the shield 
is down.
Then get close and deal heavy damage with your machine guns. 

Follow the strip of land to reach more missiles. From here, make a right, 
then keep heading in that direction. You'll soon run into two Thor Mechs, but 
on the bright side, the next missile location is marked for you.

You don't want to be fighting these two Thor Mechs with anything lower than 
level two weapons. Focus on one Mech, and then take it's salvage before 
fighting the other. After their destruction and the missiles, make way to the 
Icarus. You can stick with your Thor, or grab the powered-up Mad Dog.  
Personally, I'd stick with the Thor.

Head to the next marked area, but beware that in the last stretch of this 
level, you'll encounter heavy resistance. Finally, destroy the ship to end 
the mission!

-Eight Feet Under-
This is the first boss fight. Upon heading towards the marker, be ready to 
strafe as soon as you see something in the distance. Do not get hit by one of 
his forearms, or you'll get a one-two punch of hurt. Instead, backpedal, 
strafe, and if you have a Thor, jumpjet away from his charge (you'll still 
have to steer away from him, not just go straight up). Follow up with attacks 
to each of his legs. Use your most powerful close-range weapons when it is 
close, and follow up with missiles as it retreats. Repeat for each leg until 
it is obvious what you have to do to squash this bug. 

-Into The Valley Of Death-
The tanks here are no match got your Uziel Mech. Not far from here, you'll be 
attacked by a Catapult Mech. It's time to learn how to use those PPCs - you 
only need the gauge in blue to fire. The longer you hold, the larger the shot 
and the farther it travels, but that doesn't mean it does more damage. 
Charging it just right makes the PPC very versatile as a jack-of-all-trades 
weapon - 
It is then great for close, medium, and long ranges. Just time your shots and 
don't "spam" out of panic. 

Soon you'll come to a very large area where you'll run into a Rommel tank and 
Catapult.  Not far from here, there are more tanks and turrets, where it 
becomes obvious where to go next. If you need health, you may find it 
southwest of you, by the lights. In the next area will be another Catapult. 
You'll want to close that gap between you and him fast, because your missiles 
pale in comparison to the Catapult's.

Follow your marker and you'll soon be attacked by 3 Puma Mechs! Keep cool and 
don't get too close. Focus on one and as a bonus, try to get it's explosion 
to take out another of the Pumas, as they like to stay close. 

After that, head towards the waypoint until the mission ends.
-There's Gonna Be A Jailbreak-
Immediately head for the panel, hack, and take cover. Plant your charge and 
wait for the Mech to return. When he departs again, run to the left path of 
the tower and follow it until you see your Mech. From here, safely detonate 
the charge, then get in your Mech.

Your contenders in this are several tanks and turrets, and Uziel patrolling 
earlier, and another Uziel in the distance. Remember, divide and conquer.
Charge those PPCs to max and let loose at a distance. As you come to the city 
and it's guard towers, there will be more tanks and an Uziel. Stay on the 
other side of the gate, where you have more room, and you'll make short work 
of them with their limited maneuverability space. 

Make your way to the next city when you've destroyed the guard towers here. 
Depending on which you went to first, you'll have to take care of some more 

In the next part, you'll find yourself on foot. It is not necessary to 
complete this on foot, however. First, you'll need to find a Mech. To do 
that,  get pas this first tank and be on the lookout for a Mad Cat Mech 
patrolling. The Mad Cat YOU want is up a hill, to the left of the area the 
Mad Cat patrols. Getting up there, and to the Mad Cat, is easy, but be quick. 
Wait until the Mad Cat has gotten about halfway after it's turned it's back 
from your direction, then run for it. After obtaining the Mad Cat, destroy 
the enemy Mad Cat first, then all opposition.

You are then to destroy all targets, keeping clear from the explosion. When 
all are destroyed, quickly head to the pointer, out of your Mech, and through 
the gate, ASAP.

-I Hate Snakes-
In this cold level, you have a Mad Cat. It works much better than the Uziel.
First objective is rescue, and to eliminate all defenders. When going up 
against the Hellbringer, watch out that its flame doesn't hit you often 
enough to where you overheat. Pick him off at a distance. When at the camps, 
do NOT destroy the buildings, but instead the infantry. On the way out, 
you'll see an APC that keeps sending out infantry. Amusing, but annoying.
At the next base, another Hellbringer and tanks. Unfortunately you'll need 
something with jumpjets to progress in this level. Choose from a Hellbringer 
and Elemental at the camp. The choice here is obvious!

Jumpjet over the wall, and receive a greeting from a Hellbringer and tank. As 
you move ahead, you will gain Elemental allies, who, while weak, buy you time 
to destroy your enemies and the uplink tower.

If any are left when all enemies are gone, that's good. Ready yourself now 
for a fight with an Assault Mech... the Star Adder, in the next area. Superior 
to your Mech is nearly every way, you must depend on skill rather than 
hardware. Aim for it's legs with your autocannon and try to knock it down. 
Then light into it from there. If any Elementals survived before, they will 
very briefly serve as a distraction. 

-Mountain Song-
Secure the area for Foster's APC. Grab the Uziel not far from there to get to 
the next enemy base via jumpjets. Destroy the comm tower from the ridge. 
Use the vacant Mad Cat to clean house before using the VTOL, as the VTOL 
really can't take much damage. 

Pick up Foster's APC with your VTOL and try not to drop Foster while you 
destroy the last comm tower - blast turrets, then tower, with VTOL.

-Sending Out An SOS To The World-
Love it or hate it, you'll be using the turret here for survival. Remember to 
defend yourself, when possible, using your defense at the right time.
Hit that bridge immediately with two direct missiles to destroy it.
Destroy about two or three Mechs. When things get ugly, remember your VTOL is 
still there on the landing pad. 

Distract enemies using the VTOL's missiles, but keep yourself out of harms 
way until the timer is up. Forget the enemies when Foster is done and head to 
the Icarus. If damaged, head to the second tower and grab that spare VTOL! 
Upon reaching the Icarus, grab the Star Adder Mech and kick some ass. You can 
destroy the bridge to buy yourself time between Mechs, but hardly makes a 
difference with the Star Adder.   

-Once More Into The Breach-
You may dislike the Blood Asp compared to the Star Adder, but it will do just 
fine here. You'll face Catapult and Bowman Mechs in this valley, really only 
dangerous at long range. Destroy tunnels ASAP. When it comes to where it 
seems you can go no further in your Blood Asp, sadly you must exit it and 
enter the city to the hack the doors.

Go outside the doors and get back in your Blood Asp to continue your spree.
Just destroy EVERYTHING here! Make sure you pick out your most dangerous 
targets and your least dangerous, such as the Assault Mech that should be 
first choice on your menu of destruction. 

-To The Arena-
Your back with the Rommel tank, but this time you have null sig. This is a 
somewhat different mission than the previous, where here you are simply 
outgunned. A few enemies will be easy to pick off, but maybe not the Hackman 
Mech. Once you do kill it, or get around it, there is a vacant Hackman in the 
second base for you, increasing your chances of survival. 

You can avoid the other base with the Mech, but the third base, has a lot of 
enemies. It will be tough in the Hackman, so use it's gauss very wisely:

Take out the tunnels with the gauss. Then focus on the Belial before anything 
else. Once it is down, focus on the leftovers, which shouldn't give you much 
trouble. Exit your Mech when area is clear and go through the tunnel.

-Holding The Line-
What a selection here. A Bowman and Prometheus pretty well guarded, and 
you're almost defenseless on foot. You really want the Promy, don't you?

You need to take out the tank with your pilot bomb. Hide near the crystal 
that is near the tank. As it moves back to base, go out and set a bomb in the 
path where it will return. Get some good distance, while keeping your cover, 
and wait, wait for an explosion. Now for the next...

You will have to watch out for the enemy Mech as well, in order to take out 
this tank. You must set this in the tank's path, but must time your 
detonation just right, you cannot hide yourself in time. When it's done, you 
just have to worry about the enemy Mech. Head for the Prometheus here when 
things seem convenient enough - wait for the Mech to be past the building 
before running out. Destroy this Bowman, and next you must destroy a 
Prometheus on the other side of the gate. 

Instead of waiting for Foster, seek out all the tunnels. It could take a bit, 
but it's worth decreasing frustration for later on. After this, head back to 
the LZ pick off enemies. Then patrol around some more, going to the enemies 
instead of waiting for them. After some time, you will get a radio message. 
Then you must destroy Kit Foxes and another Prometheus. Walk to the LZ after 
all are dead. 

-Gladiator Has Nothing On Us-
Blood Asp again. Use PPC for Mad Dog Mechs, missiles for everything else. 
After the main gate is gone, make a left. You'll face lots of Mad Dogs and 
tanks here, so sometimes it's best to fall back and pick some off. Because of 
your slow speed, it's going to be a lovely walk to your destination.

At the launch site, terminate all opposition and finally the dropship. Two 
Atlas Mechs show up here, so I hope you kept some salvage nearby. Hopefully 
you can hit one with Alpha Strike and take down the other as you normally 

-Against The Spiders-
It's survival here. You'll first face Mechs, but when you're done here, 
you'll be glad to see another actual Mech.

You'll face smaller versions of the Spider boss you faced earlier. They like 
to jump on your Mech and try to hack it. Don't let them, or you die. There 
are many waves, about five I think. A Hellbringer shows up to help you, but I 
honestly didn't notice, so don't count on it to get you out of a jam. 

-Skin The Cat-
The Nova Cat here uses an armor mod which keeps you from hacking while it's 
up. You have an abundance of cover here, so when he uses it, time it so that 
when the armor defense is gone, you hack him without much worry. 

The Nova Cat is a pretty good Mech. But you might want to save your 
BattleArmor for the next level. You can hack a Ymir or Mad Cat, which I do 
prefer of this Mech. 

Exit the level by hacking the panel and going through the gate.

-End Game/Checkmate-
If you are using the BattleArmor and really want that Ymir Mech, and not a 
Mad Cat, here is my favorite strategy: Hack every Mad Cat you come across. 
The great thing about BattleArmor, in single-player at least, is that you're 
practically a one-hit killer. You'll have to hack four Mad Cats before the 
Ymir comes along. 

After this, you'll face to Ymirs. Cover is your best friend here, not 
firepower, but cover will be gone quickly. Wait 10 seconds for their shields 
to drop, then let loose with your weapons, and don't forget about your own 
shield, if you're using a Ymir. 

When Natalie drops the BattleArmor, do NOT crush it, or you will fail the 
mission. Believe it or not, like it or not... the last fight is fought in only 
BattleArmor. Pick up any salvage you can before going over the ledge. 

Natalie will help you in her VTOL with this guy, but try not to depend on it. 
Just keep aiming for his head with your mortar. His attacks this first time 
are easy to avoid - jumpjets are you friend. Just don't get caught by that 
earthquake he makes, or by the time you recover, there isn't much left of you 
to recover, for starters. 

-You can also use the laser, if you're patient.

After the cutscene, you now need to neurohack him, to drop his shields, and 
to finally get a mortar through his cracked head. 

His new attacks are terrible: his laser and flame attacks now do more damage 
and push you away from him in the process. When you get a chance, get on his 
back and hack! Then, to hit him with a mortar, just right: jump high, aim 
low, and fire to get the mortar in. You cannot fail the neurohack, or else!

When you finally off this guy, congrats... all you get, as far as content goes 
is his character model to use in multiplayer. Congrats! 

|Mech & Vehicle details|

- Comparison chart

Name      |Type||Speed|Energy|Ballistic||Missile|Jumpjets|    Special   |  
Atlas     |Asst||  2  |  x4  |    x1   ||  x2   |   -    | Alpha Strike |
Battle A. |BA/S||  1  |  x1  |    -    ||  -    |  Yes   |    Hacking   |
Belial    |Medm||  6  |  x2  |    X2   ||  x1   |  Yes   |    Jamming   |  
Blood Asp |Asst||  3  |  x2  |    x4   ||  x2   |   -    | Alpha Strike |
Bowman    |Heav||  2  |  x2  |    x2   ||  x2   |  Yes   |Anti-Ballistic|
Catapult  |Heav||  2  |  x4  |    -    ||  x4   |  Yes   |  Anti-Laser  |     
Corvus    |Lght||  7  |  x2  |    x1   ||   -   |  Yes   |  Anti-Laser  |  
Cougar    |Lght||  7  |  x2  |    x1   ||  x2   |  Yes   | Anti-Missile |
Elemental |BA/S||  1  |  x1  |    -    ||  x1   |  Yes   |      -       |   
Hackman   |Lght||  8  |  -   |    x1   ||  x2   |  Yes   |Null Signature|  
Hellbring |Heav||  5  |  *   |    x2   ||  x1   |  Yes   | Anti-Missile |   
Kit Fox   |Lght||  7  |  x2  |    x1   ||   -   |  Yes   |Null Signature|
Loki      |Heav||  5  |  x2  |    x2   ||  x3   |   -    |Null Signature|   
Mad Dog   |Heav||  5  |  x2  |    x2   ||  x4   |   -    |    Jamming   |
Mad Cat   |Heav||  5  |  x2  |    x2   ||  x4   |   -    |    Jamming   |   
Nova Cat  |Heav||  4  |  x5  |    x1   ||   -   |   -    |  Anti-Laser  |   
Owens     |Lght||  8  |  -   |    x2   ||  x2   |   -    |Anti-Ballistic|     
Prometheus|Asst||  2  |  x3  |    x2   ||  x2   |   -    | Alpha Strike | 
Puma      |Lght||  7  |  x1  |    x2   ||  x2   |  Yes   |Null Signature|   
Ragnarok  |Asst||  2  |  *   |    x2   ||  x4   |   -    | Super Shield | 
Raptor    |Medm||  7  |  x1  |    x2   ||  x4   |  Yes   |Null Signature|   
Raven     |Lght||  7  |  x1  |    x2   ||  x1   |   -    |Null Signature|   
Stiletto  |Medm||  7  |  *   |    x4   ||  x4   |  Yes   |Anti-Ballistic|  
Star Adder|Asst||  3  |  x2  |    x4   ||   *   |   -    | Alpha Strike |
Summoner  |Heav||  3  |  x4  |    x2   ||  x1   |  Yes   | Anti-Missile |  
Tank      |Tank||  2  |  x1  |    x1   ||   -   |   -    |Null Signature|
Thor      |Heav||  4  |  x2  |    x4   ||  x2   |  Yes   |Anti-Ballistic|   
Timberwolf|Heav||  5  |  x2  |    x2   ||  x4   |   -    | Anti-Missile |   
Turret    |Eplc||  -  |  x1  |    -    ||  x1   |   -    | Super Shield |
Uller     |Lght||  7  |  x2  |    -    ||  x2   |  Yes   |  Anti-Laser  |   
Uziel     |Medm||  6  |  x2  |    x1   ||  x1   |  Yes   |  Anti-Laser  |  
VTOL      |Aero||  9  |  -   |    -    ||  x2   |   -    |     Cargo    |
Vulture   |Heav||  5  |  x2  |    x1   ||  x4   |   -    |  Anti-Laser  | 
Wendigo   |Heav||  4  |  x1  |    x3   ||   -   |   -    |Anti-Ballistic|
Ymir      |Asst||  2  |  x2  |    x4   ||  x4   |   -    | Super Shield |

* Means a unique weapon to that Mech only.

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