Jade Empire

How to unlock minigame in main menu
To unlock the dragonfly minigame in the main menu, during the story choose attack instead of evade enemy between each chapters and complete the dragonfly missions.
Contributed By: Orcahi Iori
New Title Screen
Finish the game, or at least get to the point where it auto-saves at the final boss. The title screen will change to Dirge. It will change back if you delete the auto-save created at the final boss.
Contributed By: Elranzer
Easter Eggs
Exploding Gambler
If you win 20 dice rolls in a row against the gambler in the Imperial Arena, he will explode
Contributed By: gamecube_cabutt
Flawless Victory
If you can win the Imperial Arena without losing you will receive a new Technique from Sweet Poison Lyn.
Contributed By: MooCowsAreEvil
Hilarious Dialogs/Audio
After finishing the game, don't skip the credits roll. Eventually after being half-done with it, you'll be treated to some funny dialog and voiceovers from several followers of yours.
Contributed By: Richter13
Defeat an enemy without using any chi
Transform to horse deamon style and start tapping X during the transformantion until you start to throw a fireball. Then quickly switch to a style thats not a transformation and the fireball will continue and hit the enemy without costing any chi.
Contributed By: Big_Hut
Infinite health/chi/focus supply
Find yourself running out of one of the 3?
Unequip your gems on your dragon amulet, and then re-equip, and your bar will be filled with the amount of bonus you recieve from those gems!

This can be used repeatedly, at any time.
Very useful when there are no shrines nearby or in battle.
Contributed By: mabrandt

Instant Kill for Battles With Cutscenes
This glitch will instantly and completely kill whatever enemy you face if a cutscene is known to occur in the middle of the battle. To achieve this you must have a transformation style in your hot keys for styles. Then right before the cutscene is known to occur, transform. During the cutscene, you will notice that you have changed back to your normal form, but are blinking oddly. When you enter battle again, you will slide along the floor without walking, and will not be able to attack. Now use the transformation style again and the enemy will die, instantly.
Contributed By: Kain9999
Use style not equipped
During a battle equip a style that you like and keep it equipped until the end of the battle. After the battle change the quickstyle(unequip it with a new one). The next fight you start you will have the style automatically and use no chi or focus.
Contributed By: BurningBaby
Crimson Tears
The receive the upgraded dual sword style Crimson Tears, climb the ranks in the Imperial Arena to the Bronze Division. When Cho comes and asks you to poison Crimson Khana refuse, then find her and tell her about this. Once you defeat her in the ring she'll teach you Crimson Tears.
Contributed By: mistral93