Halo: Combat Evolved

Random message
Go to "Settings" at the main menu then press Y to create a new profile.
Password Effect
.fortune A random message will appear

Contributed By: FlamingShadow57
Unlockable How to Unlock
Super-Marines Kill Captain Keyes on "The Pillar of Autumn"

Contributed By: Helljumper L99
Unlock Second Ending
Unlockable How to Unlock
Different Ending To get a different and longer ending movie Halo, beat the final level on Legendary.

Contributed By: Nivrae
Easter Eggs
"Hidden Music" easter egg
Near the end of the 5th level (Assault on the Control Room), snag a Banshee in the open area and head up to the Control Center. There are three ledges that bracket the central pillar in front of the door; you want the middle one. You can land your Banshee parallel to the walkway, facing the left (with respect to the door), and hop out the back. Be careful - if you're not perfectly straight, you'll hop out to your death. Walk to the right end of the ledge... and stand still. You should hear this soft, sorrowful music playing.

Just so you know, the name of this masterpiece is called The Siege of Madrigal, and it can be found in Bungie's earlier game, Myth. It was written by Marty O'Donnell from Total Audio.
Contributed By: EConforti
Go to the ''settings'' screen and press Y to make a new profile named '.fortune', and a strange message appears.
Contributed By: Voy007
Easter Egg: Talking Grunt
WARNING: You may need to restart this stage if you pursue this easter egg.

In the last level of Halo, you'll arrive at a second grouping of tunnels after the dropship pick up goes awry.

Take the first tunnel on your right and there should be a fork leading to a dead-end half way through. If you head partly that way, you can hear a grunt talking about something phenomenonally droll.

Contributed By: mh204
Hidden Area
In the chapter where you must find Capt. Keyes in the swamp, there is a secret area you can access right from the beginning.

When Foe Hammer says ''The Last transmission from the captain's dropship was from this area. That was over twelve hours ago'', immediately start pressing your grenade throw button. whatever you do, DON'T MOVE! After a few seconds, the dropship will take back off, and you'll still be in it! It flys for about 20 seconds then crashes. Press ''X'' to exit the dropship.

Now walk directly away from the ship until you reach a clearing. Head towards the center and out of the fog you'll see a lone Marine standing there! He won't move or say anything, unless you shoot him in the foot w/ your pistol.

Contributed By: turokrw
The Megg
The story behind the Megg is a long one so I'll just give the steps to accomplish it
1.Select Campaign and play Pillar of Autumn on Legendary,
2.Once you're out of the cryotube, turn around and hop on top of it,
3.Jump off to your right on top of the shield generator,
4.Hop on the above grated walkway and turn right,
5.Run to the wall above the doorway and touch it,
6.Turn around and run and touch the wall on the other side of the walkway,
7.Then jump to left on top of the yellow-striped barrel,
8.Jump back on the walkway, run back and touch the wall above the doorway,
9.Walk off to the right and go through the door.

Continue through the level as normal, until you reach the marine that tells you to follow him. Make sure you jump over him and make him follow you. Once you reach the bridge, dodge Captain Keyes, and the cut scene, and fall into the glass pit behind the space grid. Go up the ladder, but make sure the caption appears, the one that tells you how to go up ladders. Now go talk to Captain Keyes.

10.Get your assault rifle from the cafeteria door,
11.Reload the rifle and turn around and run back the bridge,
12.Shoot Captain Keyes, melee him or melee one of the standing crewmen. Cortana will order the invincible marines,
13. Run to the door from which they come on the right (shoot them as you go so they don't come charging) and through the door behind them.

Run through (the marines shouldn't follow you any further) and walk into the end room. Look up at the end of the secret room and you should see a bloody love heart with a 'M' shot onto the ceiling.
Contributed By: hellsspawn
The Rex
While playing the level ''the maw'', when you rach the part where the ship crashes, keep going until cortana tells you about the big jump, then try to turn a bit and land on the side wall. if done right, you should be able to access a room the has blood stains all over. if you look carfully enough, you can find the word REX on the wall written in blood.
Contributed By: somehaloguy
Attack On The Control Room Glitch
When you are going back through the ''Attack On The Control Room'' stage, your objective is to destroy all the generators. The moment you or your partner gets close to the last generator, the flood will kill you.

Instead, exploit the co-op system to your advantage. Notice that on co-op, when one of you is further ahead then the other player, the lagging player is warped ahead. At the hallway before the last generator, spend a moment and practice finding the warp spot, now when you're sure you've located this spot have one player stand a step away from the spot that will cause the other player to warp.

Have the player that will warp go deactivate the last generator. Now as soon as the surge occurs, have the player in the hallway cause the warp and both players can leave relatively unscathed.

Contributed By: mh204
Get into a Pelican
We did it in the Silent Cartographer level. This are the number of things you need to do:
1. Play in Co-op.
2. Just when you start the level (when you are able to shoot) turn around and shoot the marines.
3. One needs to stay and watch the Pelicans (as close as possible), the other person goes and kills the Covenant in the area.
4. Foehammer then arrives with the Warthog. The person near the Pelicans jumps into the Pelican closer to the ground.
5. The player with the Warthog nears on the Pelican.
6. You slowly get close to him and push him. (not at full speed into the pelican)
7. You should be able to get inside. Literally. INSIDE. You can touch the medical kits.
8. The person outside kills himself and will apear inside.

It's not just to get inside, it's also knowing what to do. You can kill one player and run to a corner. If the other player appears on top of the killer you can try to get on top of the Pelican, very hard. Other thing is that there are two glitches you can perform while inside the ship. First kill your partner over and over again. If you look at the floor after this there should be the guns there. Not just there, but floating, spinning around. Kill one person and try to get on top of the other. Once done look around and jump towards the cockpit. then turn around and walk towards the revolving guns. Your partner will see you through the floor and if you touch the guns they will kind of shoot away around ten meters.
Contributed By: darkphaser
Getting on Top of Sidewinder
First of all create a new multiplayer game in which your shields and life are the maximum they can reach. After creating this go into the game and also go into the level Sidewinder. When you are in the level get a rocket launcher and plasma grenade, and travel to the Blue Tower Base. Go to the top of this base and then go through the teleporter. When on the other side keep walking until you are around the bend. When you get to the end of the bend there should be another room with a teleporter in it and from the outside there is a border to the room in which you can jump on (looking at the room from the outside!). It may take a few tries but you will get up there (you can also take a vehicle up there with you for easy access to the top of the border). Once you make it up onto the border go to the end of it and looking down slowly walk backwards and get a grenade caught on your foot. As soon as you get the grenade on your foot shoot the rocket launcher down at your feet. The lift should send you flying pretty high. When you first start flying through the air push both joysticks in the dirrection of the wall that you are attemting to get upon. This may take many tries, although it is very frustrating once you get the hang of it, it can be much fun.
Contributed By: holycrap343
Getting past invisible walls.
This glitch only works in co-op.

1. Go to The Silent Cartographer.
2. Kill all the enemies at the landing site.
3. After they are all dead, wait for the warthog to be dropped.
4. Get into the warthog with your team mate and drive into the water.
5. Keep driving until you hit the invisible wall.
6. Have one of you two stand as close to the wall as possible.
7. Back the warthog up a little bit.
8. Slowly drive into your friend and push him back.
9. The game should skip for a second, and you can then run past the invisible wall.

If you move the warthog too fast, you will kill your friend.

This can be done on any level where there's a warthog and an invisible wall.
Contributed By: panzar dragoon
Hit the Grav-Lift from both sides
On Truth & Reconciliation, clear the area right before the Grav-lift without using the camoflauge pickup. Once it's clear grab it and run as fast as possible towards the Grav-left. Ignore any enemies, the point is to get there well ahead of your Marines. Just keep moving on past the Grav-Lift until ou hear Cortana request reinforcements. Doing this makes the game think your Marines are all dead and it automatically gives you 5 more Marines. Eventually your first group will catch up and you'll now have up to ten Marines to help fight the waves of Covenant dropping from the ship.
Contributed By: iceman505
How to get a banshee into a cutscene.
:CO-OP only:On the level assault on the control room,at the last open area,when you come out onto a bridge and there are some grunts, some elites and two banshees; run really quickly to one of them while your parner kills the covent. Get in and fly to the really big door that is the beginning of the last part of the mission. Your partner can kill himself and respawn there for the sake of speed.Open the door and kill all the covenant untill you get to the last door(the one before the final cutscene of that level). While one person opens the door the other should fly at it with the banshee (this takes timing, get a save point before you try it), and start from there again if you mess up. If done correctly the banshee will be in the cutscene as it starts. If you are really lucky then the banshee may run over MC during the cutscene!
Contributed By: masterchief55
No Enemies At Assault On The Control Room
*Only on co-op mode*
On the first bridge, have one person go to the lower floor. Jump off onto the wall/cliff and land on the side. Then have the other person die. Wait for the other person to get teleported. Bring the second person to the lowest part of the cliff and make sure he can die in one punch. Have the first person run to him and hit him while moving and then jump off of the cliff, staying by the wall. You will be moving to fast for the other person to be respawned. But if you do it right, you will hit a cliff lower than the one you were at, and for less than a second, you will be alive (although you arent able to notice by watching you fall). At that time, if you did it right, the second person should be respawned at the lower cliff. Then wait for the first person to respawn. Go to the lowest spot on that cliff by the trees where the marines are (at the lower level). At the lowest spot at the cliff, fall down. make sure you stay by the wall. This may take a few tries, but if you do it correctly, you will be alive, probably with no shield and one life bar left. Then go to the door, and get the checkpoint. At that point, there will be no enemies, marines guns, or ammo. But there will be blood (where there would be ammo from dead marines) and transportation. There will be no more enemies for the rest of the level.
*This glitch is extremely hard to pull off at the cliff jumping.*
Contributed By: flamerz
The light from the flashlight is gone
Whenever you pick up a camoflauge and you try to use your flashlight, the light from the flashlight won't shine.
Contributed By: xXEdge 619Xx
Three guns on the first level
Towards the beginning of the game, there is a way to bypass the two weapon limit and carry three weapons at once. On the first level, make your way to the bridge. After speaking with the captain, quickly run out of the bridge before the chapter name disappears. If you were fast enough, the checkpoint at the door will not trigger. Now run to the mess hall and get your Assault Rifle and another weapon. Now, run back to the bridge and trigger the checkpoint. When you go back towards the mess hall, the pistol will appear in your hands, and you will be carrying three weapons instead of two. Each gun reloads and exchanges normally. Note: This only lasts for the first level.
Contributed By: scizor20
Top of Silent Cartographer
There are a few way to reach this area:
-Get a Warthog and do the Warthog jumping trick with an overshield to fly yourself over on top of the island.
-Get a Warthog through the tree barrier and park it to the left of the last big rock up the small hill. Then, pick up a overshield and go back to the Warthog. Get on top of the Warthog and throw a plasma grendade on the Warthog. Wait 2 seconds and jump. The blast should throw you up onto the top of Silent Cartographer.
-Go past the tree barrier to the Hunters. Kill 1 and pick up the overshield. Make the remaining Hunter fallow you to the big rock where the last trick was performed. When the hunter slashes you on the second slash you will go up. Jump at this time and the Hunter will hit you up onto the top of Silent Cartographer.
-Go past the tree barrier, kill all enemies and Hunters, and pick up the overshield. Get a fragmentation grendade and jump on top of the rock, where the last 2 tricks were performed. throw the grenade straight down and time it so the blast will throw you on top of the Silent Cartographer.
-In Co-op get a Warthog through the tree barrier and make your partner get into the gunner. Park the Warthog where you did in trick 2 and aim the gunner to the smallest part of the ledge. Make the driver get out and jump on the gunner's gun. Run and jump off the gunner and you should be able to reach the top of Silent Cartographer.
Contributed By: Sum1Blink14
Unlimited Camo Trick
Select the ''Assault on the Control Room'' level on any difficulty in Co-Op mode. Next, skip to the part where there are two tanks, and a banshee flying over you just before a cave. You'll notice a cloak to the right of the tunnel next to some ammo. Keep Player 1 by the cloak, and have Player 2 beat the entire part just before you trigger the ''Rolling Thunder'' loading zone after the bridges. Now have Player 1 actually go cloaked and at that point Player 2 should walk through and trigger the ''Rolling Thunder'' loading zone. Player 1 will be spawned all the way down by Player 2 and for the rest of the level be cloaked without it ever wearing off. The only way it will wear off is if Player 1 (not 2) dies.
Contributed By: AllYourBaseBelong2Us
Unlimited Rockets
Select the ''Assault on the Control Room'' level on any difficulty in Co-Op mode. Next, skip to the ''Rolling Thunder'' loading zone after the bridges part. Have Player 1 fire a rocket in any direction. Now, at the same exact time, Player 1 should reload the rocket launcher and Player 2 should walk through the loading zone. Player 1 will now have unlimited rockets until the end of the level. This trick will wear if it Player 1 dies, reloads, or switches weapons.
Contributed By: AllYourBaseBelong2Us
Weapon Switch
You need two controllers for this. Choose Campaign, select any level on any difficulty. Using either controller, choose what weapon you want to change. Remember what weapon you chose. Now cross a checkpoint. Save and Quit, and grab the other controller. Use the same profile you used and go back in that level. Now get a different weapon. After you do, cross another checkpoint. Save and Quit. Use the first controller you used in the beginning. Chose the same profile and level. The second weapon now has the same skin as the first weapon. It still has the same characteristics. Example: you changed the skin of a Rocket Launcher to an Assult Rifle, but it won't shoot as fast as a Assult Rifle does.
Contributed By: Dark Rolling Stones
Weird Ending
At the ending of Assault on the Control Room before going straight to the controll for the cutscene, after opening the doors use the ghost to go through the control room by first opening the door to the control room and get back to the ghost and ride through the cutscene, the Master Chief will get run over by the ghost and you'll see a weird ending with the Master Cheif stuck on the ground but still talking with Cortana. This glitch works with single or co-op, just that one of the player have to use the ghost through the cutscene.
Contributed By: einlander2k
Double Punch
While in gameplay, press the melee button (hit), then quickly throw a grenade, then quickly melee again. The entire process should take one about 1.5 seconds to do this.
Contributed By: thedollardonkey
Marines Hate You
On any Campaign Mode level, ( co-op or single player) just start attacking The Marines. Sooner or later, they will start to fight back, and when you target them the crosshair will be red.

Contributed By: Sherv13
Skip part of Silent Cartographer.
When you unlock the door to the cartographer place, You will fight invisible elites.
After that, go outside, look right and you will see some overshields. Get one and jump from the ledge towards the downed pelican(With rockets) you will fall, lose your overshield, but not get hurt. there will also be a warthog to hop in.
Contributed By: georgelanier