Easter Egg: FCC Balverines
In the Save The Archaeologist quest, you must guess the name of the Demon Door that he is in. There are four stones from which you must decipher his name. The letters on the stones are I-H-S-T. There are three words that you can make. HITS,THIS,and...well, the other word. If you spell that -other word- then two Balverines will come and attack you

Frying Pan!
What you need is the Treasure Clues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6. You will find this in Orchard Garden where there's a barn with nothing in it. The barn has hay cubes near it. There are three hay cubes on top of one another(forming something like a pyramid), between that hay pyramid and the barn, you have to dig, you'll know it's the place if there's a small lock on the barn wall. Dig there. The Frying Pan doesn't have any description, has 100 damage, and heavy. The power of the Frying Pan depends on how many Treasure Clues you have.

Secret Message at Character Creation Screen
Enter the name "Krunk" for your hero when making a new character, and the message "You heard about the time I killed me a couple of Heroes?" will appear at the top of the screen.

White balverines
In Oakvale, If you kill 1020 guards in one sitting without leaving the town, the guards turn into White Balverines!

Easy Renown
Buy a spade. In the Guild, choose a new Quest and choose to Boast about it. You will be transported to the Boast Podium in Lookout Point. A group of people should flock to you and cheer. Step off the podium and find a diggable patch of ground. Now dig. Every time you dig, the characters in the area will be reloaded; as this is the only place in the game where human NPCs are randomly generated, the generation process will be repeated and more people will spawn. Continue doing this until you have a huge crowd of people, then pull out a Trophy and show it off to the amassed onlookers for huge amounts of Renown points.

Additionally, killing masses of them at a time with magic will net you a large Combat Multiplier and a nice chunk of experience.

Note: Your XBox may lag if there are too many NPCs on-screen at once; therefore, 100 is a good recommended upper limit of NPCs

Hero Save Exploit
In the middle of a quest, if you use a hero save and reload the save, you will start at the beginning of the quest as if you had never begun, and you will retain all items that you obtained during the last run of the quest. This is especially useful in the Arena, where vast amounts of money can be made if used right.
Huge Characters
Use Berserk then save your game. When you load the game your character will be huge until you cast Berserk again

Keep the Exclamation point over your head!
Fireball spell
Belch or Middle Finger Expression

What you need to do is assign the belch or middle finger to the D-pad, then use it and hold the button down, now charge up a fireball and release both buttons at the same time. If done right you'll keep the exclamation point over your head until the next time you use an expression.

Knothole Glade safe house.
If you are causing a commotion in Knothole Glade just climb the stairs in the home on the southwest end of the map and stand on the balcony. (near where you first obtain the silver augmentation) From here you can take passing shots at any villagers with your bow and the best thing is that your wanted level will decrease, because the gaurds won't follow you up there unless you go down an bug them again from the ground. This is an excellent way to free up some of the southwestern houses in Knothole Glade.

Time Freeze
To freeze time completely, find a gateway between two areas, such as Oakvale to Barrow fields, for example. Cast Berserk and then Assassin Rush through the gateway. As soon as you pass through and the loading screen appears, hold 'down' on the thumbstick, so that as soon as the area loads you run back through to where you just were. Keep the thumbstick held down. When you load again, time should be frozen. This can be usefull for stealing, as Shop owners are also frozen. While this glitch is active, you can teleport anywhere while keeping time frozen. To unfreeze time, simply dig somewhere.

Use Temple of Avo for Free
-A good amount of money

1. Go to the Temple of Avo and save.
2. Go up to the pedastal and donate ALL of your money.
3. After you donate your money, press A rapidly and activate the pedsatal again. It should still say you have all of your money. Donate zero coins.
4. You will gain the good points, but lose no money. Repeat as many times as it takes to get Sentinus, the title Paladin, or an age decrease.

-If you don't press A rapidly enough, you will see an icon in the bottom left corner of the screen showing your money leaving. You need to press A before this appears. Load your save and try again if this happens.
-You will gain more good points if you have an evil alignment.

Walk through walls
Assign the spade to a shortcut on the D-pad, then put your back against the fence or door you are planning on pushing through. Then proceed to dig with your back against the wall until you have succesfully gone through the object.

Note:You must be on diggable ground to perform this trick.

Note2: If you get stuck in an invisible wall click the left thumbstick to sneak until you can move through the wall.

Easy rest
If you don't feel like paying for an inn, or are in a town without one, go into someone's house and choose to sleep. Before the screen blacks out run outside the house and you will not be fined for tresspassing.
Maximum experience with "Ages of ..." Potions
Hold on to your Ages of Might, Ages of Skill, and Ages of Will potions until you have a really high combat multiplier to gain maximum experience from them.

NOTE: The default experience you gain from drinking one of these potions is 100 exp. toward whatever category that potion was targeting. However, if you were to drink one when your combat multiplier is at 25, then you would gain 2500 exp. from it.

NOTE: There are one of each of these potions found in the "Find the Archaeologist" quest. You can use the Hero Save exploit here to stock up on these potions.

More gold (Trophy profits)
Buy the house in Oakvale for 5000g. Mount the most expensive trophies you have (hotkey if desired). Smash the door and sell the house. The doorway will be open, allowing you to recollect your trophies, purchase the house, and repeat the process, earning a profit depending on the value of the trophies you mount.