Dungeons & Dragons Heroes

Version 1.8, 7 Nov 2004

For XBox

by Lee Beng Hai
Email: cover8899-gamefaqs@yahoo.com.hk



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1. Introduction
2. Movement and Control
3. Tips & Tricks
4. Character Classes
5. Walkthrough
6. Acknowledgement
7. References
8. Revision History

1. Introduction

This is a pretty straightforward game. A group of ignorant cleric managed 
to raise the evil Kaedin from the grave. Kaedin wiped them out and proceed 
to rule the world. You are one of the 4 heroes that had slain Kaedin many 
years ago. The cleric raised you from the grave and asks you to defeat 

2. Movement and Control

Basic Control

Left Thumb Stick - character movement
Right Thumb Stick - adjust camera angle, mainly for zooming in and out.
Click on the Right Thumb Stick to display a map.
Start - Display control screen. Use to load and save games.
Back - Character Status screen: Inventory, Statistics, Quest, etc.
A - Action 1, user definable
B - Action 2, user definable
X - Basic Attack
Y - Item, user definable
White - Drink Health Potion
Black - Drink Mystical Will Potion
Left Trigger - Block
Right Trigger - Press and hold, then use the thumb stick to select the 
spell/action/item for button A, B and Y.

3. Tips & Tricks

Use the Map

People who had not read the manual will probably never find out about the 
map. To find all hidden areas, look for area in the map that looks 

Level Up Points

You can save the level up points or use them immediately. Try to maximise 
the skills you used often. Passive Traits are generally better than active 
traits. Selecting traits and skills are important initially, but by the 
time you reach level 40, you would have acquired every single traits and 

If you start a new character and played a single player game from start to 
end, your character will probably reached level 32 or so.

Suggested Traits to take up:

Resist Fire (80)
Resist Cold (80)
Resist Poison (80)
Mind Over Body
Dragonís Toughness
Improved Critical
Inner Strength
Outer Strength
Wear Plate Armor

Weapon skills that improve your Ancestral Weapon

Wield Daggers
Wield Quarterstaff
Wield War Hammer
Wield Long Sword (supplied by Phil Knight)

Skills and Magic
Since there is only 2 Active buttons, there is really no need to be a Jack 
of All Trades. Just pick a primary Skill and max that. Pick a secondary 
skill if your primary skill is insufficient.

Ranged Attack

In the game, some of the Bosses required a ranged attack to take them out. 
Therefore it is necessary to acquire a ranged attack if you are playing 
melee characters such as a Cleric or Fighter.

Wizard - no problem, most spell attack from a distance.

Rogue - she had a bow and many arrows attack.

Cleric - A good pick is Stick to Snakes. I suggest that you maximise this 

Fighter - I had not played a fighter, but looking at the skills, he 
probably had to use thrown weapons in those situations. So keep some thrown 
weapons in the inventory.


You should learn the 360-degree finisher for your character. This is useful 
in the Floating Castle where your spells will be less useful.


Most of the items are quite useless compared to your skills.

Thrown weapons - they are usually heavy and you need to aim them. This is 
generally not useful unless you don't have a ranged attack.

Health Potion - these are good stuff. The effect is instantaneous. Pressing 
the white button will drink from the smallest bottle. Keep at least 50 with 
you at all times.

Mystical Will Potion - these are good. You don't normally need lots of them 
unless you cast lots of spells. Keep at least 50 with you at all times.

Skeleton Keys - they are needed to open locked chest. Keep around 50 of 
them with you at all times. Those found in the game will not be sufficient 
for you to open every locked chest. Buy them from the Castle Shoppe.

Warp Stone - these are essential, using them (press 'B') at a save point 
will open a portal to the Castle Shoppe at the castle. You can sell you 
extra items to lighten your burden since you had a limited carry capacity.

Miracle Rod - these are great, it will instantly restore you to maximum HP 
and Mystical Will. Weighs 1.5 stone each though.

Raise Dead Amulet - these are equivalent to extra lives. You don't need to 
buy them, those collected during game play should be sufficient to last you 
through the game. If you had the amulet and died during the game, press 
'start' when you will be back with full health and full Mystical Will.


Each Strength +1 to your character increases the carrying capacity by 20 
stones. The better armors are very heavy, if possible, equip items or 
armors that increases your Strength. Alternatively, you can visit the 
Castle Shoppe regularly by using the Warp Stone to sell your extra items.

Here's how to do it:

Just save the game, load the game and you will be at a save point, use the 
Warp Stone to open a portal. Go through the portal and you will be at the 
Castle Shoppe. Sell off the extra items for some cash.

Soul Shades

There are 20 of them in the game. Each time you collect 5 of them, your 
Ancestral Weapon will improves by one level. Basically, they will do more 
damage, have better chance of doing critical during an attack. Each class 
will also be given an attribute boost in their prime stats.

For those who are playing the game a second time. Those Soul Shards 
discovered earlier can still be collected. However, they donít add to the 
Soul Shard count. So you really need to find all 20 different Soul Shards 
in order for your Ancestral Weapon to reach its full capability.

Hereís the list of Soul Shards location that I had copied from a post (12 
Dec 2003) by Leona from BOB forum [1]. Later, it is found that the list 
originate from a post (22 Sep 2003) by soulforger90 (Scott Irwin) from 
GameFAQs D&D Heroes forum [2].

Location of all 20 Soul Shades by soulforger90. Notes are added by me.

1. Crypts - Magic Repository

2. Lower Crypts - Secret Area after where you find the Ankh and just before 
the series of gates you open. The secret area is on the right-hand side.

3. Swamp - From the start of the level stay to the right side and you will 
find a small path leading right. It's right there.

4. Castle Baele - Enter through Castle Treasury and take tunnel into the 
Sanitarium. On desk in room.

5. Castle Baele - Church of Pelor. Stay on the outside of the church and go 
around back and run up against the back wall. You will open a secret door. 
The shard is in it! 
(Note: The location of the secret door is diagonally opposite the location 
of the entrance to this area. Look for the second wall from the corner. The 
secret door is open by pushing.)

6. Castle Dungeon - Hall of Guards. Secret Area on the left-hand side of 
room after you opens door to hall of guards.

7. Castle Dungeon - Portal Area at start there is a save point and a Shard 
right across from it. It is before you fight the Beholder.

8. Yuan-Ti Wilds - Secret Area (hole in ground) that is left of the exit to 
the King's Fort.

9. Kings Fort - On top where the last pressure plate is to open the gates 
to the big tree.

10. Treetops - On Stump in front of gate to Inner Sanctum. (Has 4 colored 
markers in front of it.)

11. Metalworks - SMELTERS AREA - on top of the third walkway. You need to 
go past the area to the COOLING ROOMS and smash some boxes to get to it.
(Note: From entrance to Cooling Rooms, walk right and look for 2 boxes.)

12. Metalworks - COOLING AREA - Smash all the moving gears (area with 
bridges and one diamond on bridge) to find secret area. It is the second 
area on the left-hand side of the room.

13. Metalworks - DIE CAST AREA - On the Fire Giant Chieftains throne.

14. Frostbound - On upper ledge directly up from the starting point. You 
have to access the upper area and walk all the way around.

15. Frostbound - BARBARIAN FORTRESS - Down ladder right of the entrance to 
the fort.

16. Upper Graveyard - In WEE JAS' Tomb in a secret door in the floor. Last 
room in his tomb actually. Then in middle of secret area.
(Note: push the wall to open the secret door)

17. Bone Temple - When you come to door that is locked and needs you to hit 
both pressures plates (one to the left, one to the right,) Past the right 
pressure plate area is a Secret Area. It's in there.

18. Bone Bridge - Near exit to Lich on the Left

19. Shadow Keep - There is a gate that needs two levers pulled. You travel 
right or left to hit a switch...it's past the left-hand side switch through 
some water channels.

20. East Grand Hall - Go to the room with the glowing mass of blue magic 
(that constantly shoots at you). then head to the room on the right...it's 
a big room and the only way to can continue on through the level. (NOTE: 
there are two entrances to this level.) Then you'll be in a good sized 
room. Hit the boxes on against the wall and you'll automatically hit the 
Secret Door. Go in and you'll find the shard.
(Note: the place is a square room with 3 exits. The fourth wall had some 
boxes. Smash the boxes then hit the wall behind to reveal the secret area)


You can save anytime during the time except when you are fighting with
a Boss. When you reload the game, you will be at the last save point. Save 

Difficulty Level

Once you had completed the game, the Nightmare difficulty level is display 
but it is greyed out. According to Silent Bob, the mode can be unlocked by 
using a cheat code. The code can be found at GameFAQs DND Heroes Code 
Section[3], I will just put it here for completeness sake.

Press Y, A and Left Trigger simultaneously.
Code to unlock nightmare mode: MPS LABS

Note that after you adjust the difficulty level, it is necessary to press 
the ĎStartí button to save the settings otherwise, the difficulty level 
will not changed.

When comparing the Normal and Hard level. It seemed that there are more 
enemies in the Hard level, however, they donít seemed to have extra HP or 

Importing your characters

When you start a new game, you can scroll through the selection until you 
see the load game option. You can use any of your characters in games saved 
earlier. In this way, you can start with some powerful characters. This is 
useful if you intend to play the game at the tougher difficulty level such 
as Nightmare.

Note: Those Soul Shards that you had collected remains. However, collecting 
a Soul Shard that you had collected earlier does not increase the Soul 
Shard count. Therefore, you can only get all 20 Soul Shards be finding each 
and every one of them.

4. Character Classes

I didn't play the game using all character classes. So far, I had only 
finished the Wizard, Cleric and Rogue. Will finish the Fighter later if I 
had time.

Note: Save your game after you had acquired some Skill Points. Assign it to 
a skill and test it out. If you donít like it, reload the game and assign 
it to another skill. Some skills are only useful after it had gone up by 
sufficient levels.


The wizard is easily the most powerful character in the game. She had both 
long ranged attack and short-ranged attack. Fire, Ice and Poison based 
attacks. In most case, you can take out the enemies even before they are 
near to you. The Magic Missile is easily the most powerful spell since they 
are homing missiles.

Burning Hands (1 MW) - This spell can stream constantly. Just press and 
hold the button and fire will shoot out from the wizard hands. This is a 
rather short-ranged spell, so I donít use it much. If the enemies are close 
enough for the spell to hit, then you should use your melee weapon instead.

Gust of Wind - The wizard had this spell by default. It deals zero damage 
and barely slows the enemies. This spell is useless.

Magic Missile (5 MW) - Maximise this as soon as possible. These homing 
missiles will track enemies and they dealt about 20+ damage each. The 
casting delay is very short so you can cast it rapidly. At Level 4, there 
are 5 magic missiles per casting. However, don't use it against fast moving 
enemies such as gargoyles, it will spend too much time tracking it and 
eventually misses.

Ice Sphere (45 MW) - This is a good secondary spell. The casting delay is 
quite long, so you cannot rapidly cast this. It can take out multiple 
enemies in the path of the sphere. Very useful against the Red Dragon.

Fireball (10 MW) - I tried this on the troll, at level 3 it can deal about 
100 damage. However, the trolls had about 50 so it is overkill. It explodes 
upon contact and damages all enemies around it. This could be a nice spell 
in the Frostbound. I donít use it often because you can miss the target. 
This is a great spell again the Frost Worm though.

Globe of Invulnerability (10 MW) - This is a good defensive spell. It will 
absorb a portion of the damage done to the wizard. However, it only lasts 
for a short duration.

Sleep (12 MW) - With this spell, you put enemies in front of you to sleep 
for a short while. You can attack them at will while they are sleeping. Not 
really useful since you can take them out with a Magic Missile instead.

Circle of Cold (30 MW) - This spell damage all enemies that are surrounding 
the wizard. Higher level increases the range and damage done by the spell. 
It might be handy when enemies surround you.

Cloudkill (10 MW) - This is a targeted spell, i.e. you must press the 
button, aim the cursor, than release the button for the spell to trigger. I 
find this rather annoying so therefore I donít use it much. Higher level 
increases the range and damage done.

Vampiric Drain (28 MW) - Another targeted spell. Drain some HP from all the 
enemies within range to heal yourself. It will continue to drain life from 
enemies for a short period of time. Can be useful if you are attacking 
enemies from far. However, the target might be blocked by obstacle and you 
would had wasted the spell on nothing. I donít find it too useful. Drinking 
a health potion is easier.

Meteor Swarm (55 MW) - This is a targeted spell. It had very nice special 
effect of multiple meteors hitting your targeted spot. However, after all 
those fancy effect, in most cases the enemies will still be alive and 
kicking. Why? This is because the meteor is aimed at your target, enemies 
elsewhere are safe from the spell. Therefore it is still considered a 
single target spell. It is useful in Boss fight for Bosses there is not 
resistance to fire though. However, you still need to aim the spell, and 
while do so you canít move.

Staff Spin Finisher - You must learn this skill. When your wizard Ancestral 
Staff is upgraded, you can really do some serious damage with this skill. 
Especially useful when combo with the Gem of Wind.

Jumpkick Finisher - Donít get this. If you just want to see the effect, 
Save the game, invest the points, try it out and reload the game.

Weapon Skill - You only need to maximise the skill to wield your Ancestral 
Staff. The other weapons are not that useful.

Armor Skill - If you had some great armor that you wanted to wear, you can 
take up that armor skill. However, near the end of the game, you will only 
be wearing plate armor.

Note: At around Level 42, you would have learnt every skill.


The Cleric is quite weak in my opinion. His healing spell is marginal, his 
ranged attack is quite limited. At the start of the game, he needs lots of 
health potions just to stay alive. Near the end of the game, he is a decent 
fighter. In most of the boss fight, he barely survives. However, in 
multiplayer mode, his skills are quite useful to the team. So, he is more 
of a party character. I managed to complete the game with the Cleric but 
the journey isnít smooth.

Heal - A handy healing spell. Heal around 60 HP at Level 4. You can save 
some health potions when you cast this spell often. I usually set it as the 
'X' button.

Stick to Snakes - This is a range attack skill. Maximise this as soon as 
possible. At level 4, there will be 5 poisonous snakes per casting.
Turn Undead - This skill is only marginally useful. Its power is dependent 
on the Charisma but it is not worth investing any ability point into 
Charisma. At high level, it does around 40+ damage and causes the undead to 
run away. It takes several casting to kill those undead at the Bone 
Necropolis. Raising Charisma will improve the damage done but I think it 
will be a waste.

Bane - Could be useful but I didnít use it at all.

Bull Rush - This might be useful if you want to get close to the enemies. 
Doing this move will let the Cleric charge forward and do fire damage. 
However, you will tend to miss the target most of the time.

Earthquake - This is supposed to be a powerful spell that damages all the 
enemies around you. However, it is not that useful at all. When you do the 
move, the cleric will start to swing his hammer on the ground slowly. If he 
is attacked at this time, the spell is cancelled. If they are too far away, 
the spell wonít hit them at all.

Storm of Vengeance - This will summon a storm that do Ice damage to all the 
enemies in the screen. Some of them will be frozen occasionally. The whole 
screen will turn bluish and the overall effect is great. However, it isnít 
really that powerful since most of the enemies will still be alive after 
all those fancy stuff.

Holy Aura - This spell increases your AC and could be useful when you are 
surround by enemies.

Circle Finisher - You must get this. Combo it with the Gem of Wind.

Hammer Proficiency - Maximise this. This will improve the damage done by 
your Ancestral Hammer.

Note: I had received email saying the Cleric is not that bad. However, the 
author didnít provide any viable strategy for the Cleric.


The Rogue had 2 weapons, an Ancestral Bow and a Seven Stars dagger. The 
Ancestral Bow can be upgraded by collecting the Soul Shard and increasing 
your Dexterity. The Seven Stars dagger grows in power when you gain levels. 
So, theoretically, the Seven Stars dagger could potentially be stronger 
than any other weapon when you reached really high level.

The Rogue is quite weak in melee. Therefore it is better to stay far away 
and shoot arrows. Set trap in front of you in case some of the enemies 
manage to get pass the arrows.

Set Trap - Maximise this. Just set some traps, move back and shoot arrow, 
lure the enemies to the trap. The explosion set off will do fire damage to 
enemies near the trap. At higher level, you get a larger and more powerful 

Arrow Strike - This is your basic arrow attack. It does not require MW to 
use and fire very fast. Extremely long range, you can use it to take out 
enemies without seeing them on the screen. This is the ultimate weapon when 
dealing with the Yrthak, Red Dragon and the Lich. You can kill them without 
the need to see them.

Sloth Arrow - Slow enemies temporary. I donít think this is useful at all. 
You start the game at Level 1. Donít see any point of investing in it.

Multi-Shot - It doesnít seem to be as useful as I thought. When I fire 4 
arrows at the enemies only 2 of them hit it. The casting delay is long so 
donít expect to do rapid fire. For maximum effect, attack the enemies at 
point blank to ensure that all the arrows hit the target. It became quite 
powerful later when you had upgraded your Ancestral Bow.

Hide and Move Silently - This turn the Rogue invisible for a short period. 
Melee damage done during this time is multiplied. Useful when you are 
surrounded by enemies.

Ice Arrow - It does reasonable damage and attempts to freeze the enemies. 
Fast attack speed.

Explosive Arrow - It explodes when it hit the enemies doing fire damage. 
Fast Attack Speed.

I had completed the game using the Rogue but I guess playing a Rogue donít 
suits my playing style. I using play a spell caster and keep my distance 
from the enemy. So when playing a Rogue, I am using arrows in most cases. 


Hereís a quick guide on how to build melee Rogue properly.
Contributed by SuprAzn

Here are my suggestions for building a pretty good melee rogue.

First of all you want to get yourself a Finisher.  The bomb finisher is 
rather worthless, so Iíd save up for the flip kick.  Sweep is nice, but 
doesn't seem to do the damage that flip kick does.  Next you want to take 
the time to spread your points between hide/move silently and improved 
critical.  These two skills are what make the rogue absolutely nasty.  
You also want to max out the rogues weapon traits so she is doing more 
damage that way.  Strategy for using this build is rather simple. First you 
run in there and start swinging.  Your finisher bars should fill up pretty 
quickly, at which time you make yourself invisible my using hide/move 
silently. Then you unleash your fully charged finisher on the closest 
opponent.  Many a time my rogue has hit for 1000+ damage at level 24 or so.  
The importance of maximising hide/move silently is that it multiplies the 
amount of damage you do while attacking from it.  Eventually when it is 
fully maximised, you are able to do a normal hit from hiding that does 300-
400 damage.  I find that I can pretty much decimate anything that comes in 
my path.



I had only played this character for a short while. It seemed that his 
skills are mostly melee skills. So just pick one of them and maximise it. 
It is better to focus on the passive traits.

When you are given a choice to increase a stats, just select Strength. 
Other stats are quite useless to a fighter. Noticed that as a Fighter, you 
can have Level 4 Weapon skill compared to the other classes.

Wield Long Sword - Max this skill since it increases the damage done by 
your Ancestral Sword.

Other weapon skill - I will skip them since you are going to use the 
Ancestral Sword near the end.

Eye for An Eye - Reflect damage to enemies. At high level, it can be very 
useful. According to Silent Bob, it can do massive damage in Boss fights.

War Cry - Stun most enemies. Best used when you are surrounded. However, it 
donít work on undead.
So far I had not encountered any Bosses that cannot be taken out by melee 
attacks. However, keep some thrown weapons in the inventory just in case.

Hereís are some suggestions from players who had used the Fighter

According to Silent Bob, 

Fighter can use "Eye for An Eye" in Boss fight to reflect damage and 
"Stunning Fist" to do massive damage in Boss fights.

According to GodofWar64@aol.com,

"War cry is a great primary skill option. It stuns most enemies allowing 
you to pick and chose it comes in handy in many stages (with the exception 
of undead doesn't work on them). The other skill I use often is actually a 
finisher either whirlwind or reverse stab finisher. Whirlwind is used when 
there are multiple enemies on screen and I prefer reverse stab when on boss 
battles. The one thing people have to remember is to make sure they carry a 
lot of heal potions and throwing items. Being that the fighter is about 
100% close range then have no ranged attacks like the rogue or the wizard."

According to Quinton A. Buesching

To build a great fighter, I recommend investing your points in the 

***3 points in wield scimitar
-use scimitars until you find an excellent great sword

***max out wield great sword
-though some may argue, I find that great swords are better than claymores

***max out improved critical
-allows you to do much more damage

***max out dragon's toughness
-fighters are engaged in close-range combat and take much damage

***max out outer strength
-improves your damage done

***max out all resistances
-your hero will receive lots of damage and should have the best defence

***max out frenzy
-the keystone of your fighter. in conjunction with improved critical,
outer strength and wield scimitar/great sword, your fighter will be able
to deal ungodly damage. at level 32 with an exquisite great sword of
agility, my best hit is 352. (much higher damage is probably possible by
using frenzy and berserker's brew at the same time, though I never needed
to try it)

***max out weapon's fury
-now that your character is dealing lots of damage per blow, make him
attack as fast as he can. (you can increase your speed further with
potion of haste, but you shouldn't need to)

***abilities for wearing armor are really up to the player. as soon as
better armor was available to me, I invested ability points into being
able to wear that armor. the best defence for your buck.

these skills will make your fighter extremely skilled at close range
combat. when choosing items to equip, use those with bonuses in strength,
agility or improved criticals. when I defeated Kaedin on normal
difficulty, I was level 32 and was equipped with mithral plate of
perfection, plate helm of agility, plate gauntlets of agility and plate
boots of perfection. my weapon was the exquisite great sword of agility. 
I was carrying at least 50 healing potions at any time an no less than a
dozen will potions. for throwing items, I only carried the lightest I
could find. I only used thrown items for explosive or poison barrels, so
damage was not a concern.

many of your bosses will have magical spells that may scare you, but fear
not. keep your healing potions plenty and swing away.

5. Walkthrough

The game is linear in nature, so as long as you had covered every part of 
the map, you will eventually reached the next area.

Upper Crypts

You begin the game at the Crypts. There is a path to the tutorial section 
nearby. It is recommended that you should goes through it once to get a 
feel of the game. You can get some items along the way too.

Once past the tutorial area, you will be back at the starting location. 
Follow the path and you will meet an old man. He will tell you about Kaedin 
and asked you to stop him. Then you will be given a quest to find the Soul 
Shade (Purple quest arrow). Noticed that there is now an arrow indicator 
showing you the direction of the soul shade. The color of the arrow will be 
the same as that in the quest log.

Follow the quest arrow, and you will meet a skinny old man, Vasak. He will 
ask you to find the Ankh of Evernyre (Blue quest arrow). He own a shop and 
you can sell off some of items you had acquired. He only has some simple 
leather armor. You might want to get some skeleton keys if you are low in 

At this point, you will have 2 quest arrows to follow. Do the Soul Shade 
quest first. 

Middle Crypts

Follow the Purple quest arrow and you will reach the Magic Repository. Get 
the Soul Shade #1 there. It emits a blue glow and is very easy to spot.

Lower Crypts

You will see some traps in front of you. The timing is easy, moves forward 
once the trap in front of you closes. Wait the one in front to close, then 
move forward again. Once you get through, you will find a Ankh in a room. 
The door is locked; you need to find a lever at one of the corner to unlock 
it. If you have problem seeing the lever, clear the enemies first and then 
zoom in with the camera. After the door is opened, you need to find another 
level to turn off the Ring of Fire protecting the Ankh. The lever is 
directly opposite the entrance of the room to the Ankh. If you zoom in with 
the camera, you should see an Ankh-shaped lever on the ground. Touch the 
lever to turn off the fire. Get the Ankh.

Soul Shade 2 - Soul Shade #2 is in a secret room in the area just before 
the gate open, search the place you should find it.

Next quest, return the Ankh to Vasak. Just follow the quest arrow. When you 
found him, he will give you the Skull Key before he died.

Next quest, go to Castle Baele. Look for the Skull Door. The door is nearby 
by, just follow the quest arrow. There is a treasure room nearby. There is 
an elixir that increases your Stats permanently.

After going through the Skull Door, you will reach Bulette lair.

Bulette Lair

It had a hard shell and it invulnerable to all attacks. So the trick is 
lure it to charge at the crystals. When it smashed the crystals, it will 
fall and it will be vulnerable to attack. You can see this easily by 
looking at its HP indicator. Yellow means invulnerable, Red means 
vulnerable. Lure it to charge at all the crystals. Once all the crystals 
had been taken down, it will be permanently vulnerable. You should be able 
to kill it easily.


There are orcs and trolls here. On the ground, there are poisonous spores 
that give of poison gas when you are near. It is a straightforward area. 
Near the start of this area is the Soul Shade #3. Trolls are tough 
creatures, when defeated, they sometime will still be alive, and you need 
to attack it further to kill it.

Somewhere in the middle of the swamp, you will meet a shady guy. He will 
give you the quest to locate the rogues.

The path is linear and will bring you to the Castle.

Castle Baele - Market

In this area, there are many trolls here. The other places are inaccessible 
except when you had found the right key. So, the only places you can access 
are the Castle Shoppe and The Dragon's Tankard. Visit the Castle Shoppe to 
sell off your excess items. Rik, the shopkeeper, asked you to find the 
Great Hall and Treasury keys. The Rogues are at the Dragonís Tankard. Visit 
them for the quest to destroy the Trolls. This quest is easy, just go 
outside and take out all the trolls in the Market. Return and you will get 
the key to the Great Hall.

Castle Baele - The Great Hall

This place is full of spiders, trolls and drows. When you see a furnace, 
look for a lever within the same screen to turn it off. Loot the furnace 
for some nice fire resistance items. Near the end, you will encounter a 
large green troll, kill it and take the Treasury Key. There is a lever in 
this room that will turn off another furnace, loot that furnace too.

Castle Baele - Castle Shoppe

After finding the keys, Rik the shopkeeper will asked you to look for the 4 
sceptres. He will give you the Amulet of Jewels to open the Treasury Door.

Castle Baele - Treasury

In this place, you find those vanishing drows that cast spells at you. 
There are some round cages with treasures here. Find the levers to lower 
the cages. There treasure inside are Raise Death Amulet, if you have plenty 
of them, then donít bother to find the levers. From the position you 
entered, if you walked straight till the end, you will find a HP and MW 
pool to recharge yourself. In the treasure area, you need to use the Amulet 
of Jewels to open one of the doors. Smash the two boxes inside and you will 
find a secret tunnel. Follow it to find the First Sceptre. Soul Shade #4 is 
nearby, find it. Also, at one of the corner is a lever that opens the 
locked door of the Castle Sanatorium. This provides a short cut back to the 
Castle Shoppe.

Once outside, you will find the shady guy at one of the corner. He had some 
nice item for sale here. In fact, he had some of the best items you can 
find in the game. He will restock once in a while, so you might want to 
visit him once in a while to see where new stuff he had.

Find Rik at the Castle Shoppe, he will reward you with some experience 
points and give you the Moon Medallion to access the Barracks.

Castle Baele - Barracks

Go back to the Market and follow the quest arrow to the Barracks. Check out 
the various rooms. You need to find the Officer's Key. With the key, open 
the Officerís Quarter. Kill the Mindflayer inside and get the Second 

Castle Baele - Church of Pelor

Return to Rik for some experience points and get the Sun Medalion which 
open the Church. Soul Shard #5 is found in the secret area along the wall 
diagonally opposite the place where you entered this region. In one of the 
room, you will find mind flayers. You must defeat them so that the door 
will open. Sometime they run away after taken some damage. If that 
happened, you must exit the Church and then come back. This will reset the 
mind flayers and you can try to kill them again. In the inner room is the 
Third Sceptre.

Castle Baele - Dungeon

Visit Rik to get the Dungeon key. Go to the Market and follow the quest 
arrow to the Dungeon.

The place is quite big but you won't lose your way. You will reach a cross-
junction with a hole in the middle. The right door is locked, the one 
directly opposite led to a locked door that need all 4 sceptres to open. 
So, you can only take the left door. There is a locked area and you need to 
go round the perimeter to find the lever to open it. Fight your way in and 
get the Mark of the Guards. This opens the right door at the junction. 
Immediately on the left is the secret area where you can find Soul Shade 
#6. Move on, pass the gas traps and you will find the Fourth Sceptre. There 
are some boxes that you can smash open so that you can get back to the 
junction. With the 4 sceptres, you can open the door that led to the 

The Portals

Soul Shard #7 is lying right beside the door. Further up is the Beholder. I 
don't recall having any problem fighting it. Kill it to get the Gem of 

The Gem of Winds opens the door to the Yuan-ti Wilds. One of the Rogues had 
a quest to find Wild Bella Note. Be sure to get the quest before going to 
the Yuan-ti Wilds.

Yuan-ti Wilds - The Wilds

A young Yuan-ti woman will give you the quest to rescue the Priestess. You 
will meet her again later and she will give you another quest to find the 
Serpent Crown. In one of the area, you will find the Serpent Statue. Bring 
the Crown here after you had found it. From this place, there is a path 
leading to an area with lots of spiders. There is a hole leading to a 
secret area. You can find the Wild Bella Note here.

Soon you will find the exit leading to King's Fort. On the left is a hole 
that contains Soul Shard #8.

Yuan-ti Wilds - King's Fort

The aim is the raise the sunken bridge. The left and right wing of the 
region have a pressure plate that you must activate. Once that is done, 
cross the bridge and activate the pressure plate at the top area. Soul 
Shard #9 is there too, don't miss it. This opens the gate and you can reach 
the Tree Towers.

Yuan-ti Wilds - The Tree Towers

The aim is to open the Gate leading to the Inner Sanctum. There is 4 
coloured pressure plate here. Press them in this order: Yellow, Red, Blue, 
Green. This opens the Gate. Soul Shard #10 is here right in front of the 

Yuan-ti Wilds - Inner Sanctum

You will find the Yuan-ti King here. Defeat it to get the Crown. The reward 
for returning the Crown is 6000 experience points. Therefore it is 
suggested that you should do it if it gain a level for your character. Meet 
the Yuan-ti Priestess. Save the game. Proceed to Yrthak's Bluff.

Yuan-ti Wilds - Yrthak's Bluff

This Boss is tough. It can only be attacked when it landed. When it is 
flying, you had to dodge the boulders thrown by it. You definitely need a 
ranged attack here to take him out. Otherwise, by the time you reach it, it 
will fly away. My Wizard had little trouble fighting it. However, my Cleric 
needs lots of health potions in this fight. Once it is defeated, grab the 
Gem of Nature. 

If you are using a Rogue, there is an easier way to defeat the Yrthak. Just 
walk inside slowly. Once the animation starts, stop moving. Aim straight 
ahead and fire your arrows. This will hit the Yrthak and kill it without 
the need to face itís other attacks.

Return the Wild Belle Note and the Crown to complete your other quests.

You get 500 gold for returning with the Wild Belle Note. A new quest to 
return the Horned Skull to the Bone Necropolis will be available.

The Portals

The Gem of Nature opens the door to the MetalWorks. You will get a quest 
from Lidda asking you to find Laundra.

Metalworks - Engine

You need to find 5 Diamonds in the Metalworks. Diamond #1 is right in front 
on a pile of coal. Diamond #2 is further up, near the exit to the Smelters.

Metalworks - Smelters

You will find Diamond #3 in the middle of 4 pillars. Soul Shard #11 is at 
the top of the catwalk, you can't reach it yet. Move on to the Cooling 

Metalworks - Cooling Room

Keeps right and you will see some boxes blocked an exit. Take the exit to 
the Smelters. This will lead you to Soul Shard #11. Go back to the Cooling 
Room after get the Soul Shade. There are fans here that you can smashed, 
some of them will reveal secret area. Soul Shard #12 is inside one of such 
area. Diamond #4 is in the middle of one of the bridge here. Let's move on 
to the Die Cast.

Metalworks - Die Cast

Take the path to the left. You will find Laundra in a cage. Get the quest 
to find the Cage Key. The Fire Giant Chieftain is near Laundra cage, defeat 
it to get the Cage Key. Soul Shard #13 is on his throne. Release Laundra 
and she will give you Diamond #5. You need all 5 Diamond to open the door 
to the Dragon's Den. Save your game first.

Metalworks - Dragon's Den

Once again, a ranged attack is necessary to best this Boss. You can only 
attack it when it landed. When flying, it cannot be attacked. Ice-based 
attacks do the most damage to it. Wear fire resistance armour and 
accessories. Get the Gem of Fire after defeating it.

If you are using a Rogue, there is an easier way to defeat the Red Dragon. 
Just walk inside slowly. Once the animation starts, stop moving. Aim 
straight ahead and fire your arrows. This will kill it without the need to 
face itís other attacks.

The Portals

The Gem of Fire opens the door to the Frostbound. One of the Rogues had a 
quest to find the Cask of Winter. Get the quest before proceeding to the 

The Frostbound - Ice Fields

A Sorceress asks you to defeat the Frost Worm and destroyed her Ice Golems. 
Soul Shard #14 is here, find it. Also, the Ice Golems must be defeated 
before you leave this region. If you go back to the Castle Shoppe and came 
back, they will regenerate and you have to fight them all over again. Once 
you had defeated all 20 Ice Golems, you can proceed to the Barbarian Fort.

The Frostbound - Barbarian Fort

You can find ladders leading to secret area here. In one of them you will 
find Soul Shard #15, in another you will find the Cask of Winters. 
Returning the Cask of Winters will gives you 10,000 experience points. Move 
on to the Mountain Pass.

The Frostbound - Mountain Pass

In the place, it is basically about pulling levers and opening gates. Once 
all the gates are open, you can access the Frost Worm's Lair.

The Frostbound - Frost Worm's Lair

You will need a ranged attack to take down the Frost Worm. Trying to do 
melee attack with it will be difficult. It will also send little worms to 
attack you once in a while. Once it is defeated, get the Gem of Ice. Return 
Cask of Winter if you had not.

If you are using a Rogue, there is an easier way to defeat the Frost Worm. 
Just walk inside slowly. Once the animation starts, stop moving. Aim 
straight ahead and fire your arrows. This will hit the Yrthak and kill it 
without the need to face itís other attacks.

The Portals

Use the Gem of Ice to open the door to the Bone Necropolis. One of the 
Rogues had a quest to return the Horned Skull, get the quest before 
proceeding to the Bone Necropolis.

Bone Necropolis - Lower Graveyard

Find and activate 5 levers to open the gate to the Upper Graveyard.

Bone Necropolis - Upper Graveyard

There are some traps that throw spells at you here. You need to move to the 
location of the trap to disable it. There are 3 temples here: Nerull's 
Temple, Wee Jas' Temple and Vecna's Temple. Visit each of them to get a 
medallion. Wee Jas' Temple had a secret room that contains Soul Shade #16. 
All 3 medallions will open the room in the middle. You will find the 
Death's Globe and the Bone Bell here. In a room with a Horned Skull Altar, 
you can return the Horned Skull to complete the rogue's quest. Return to 
the rogue later for your reward: a ring of regeneration and 5000 experience 
points. In one of the room, you will find the Life's Globe. Place the two 
Globes on the Statue to open the way to the Bone Temple.

Bone Necropolis - Bone Temple

You will need to activate a pressure plate on the left and right wing of 
the temple to open the door in the middle. There is a secret area near each 
of the pressure plate. Soul Shard #17 is inside one of them. Once past the 
door in the middle, use the Bone Bell to open the door leading to the Bone 

Bone Necropolis - Bone Bridge

Look for the way to the exit to Lich's Lair. Before entering the Lich's 
Lair, back track and look for the left fork which leads to Soul Shard #18.

Bone Necropolis - Lich's Lair

The Lich is tough to defeat. It will summon skeletons to attack you and 
hide inside a globe of invulnerability. My basic strategy is to do ranged 
attack until he is down. If you try to get near it, it will cast a ring of 
sword that will do lots of damage. So, stay away and attack from afar. Get 
the Gem of Death.

If you are using a Rogue, there is an easier way to defeat the Lich. Just 
walk inside slowly. Once the animation starts, stop moving. Aim straight 
ahead and fire your arrows. This will hit the Yrthak and kill it without 
the need to face itís other attacks.

The Portals

You can access the Shadow Keep from now onwards. Also, your Ancestral 
Weapon can hold a Gem to utilise its power. Press and hold the Right 
Trigger, then select the Gem you want to use.

Hereís the effect of the various Gems when used with your Ancestral Weapon:

Wind - enemies attacked by this will spin in a tiny whirlwind. Once they 
are in the whirlwind, you can safely kill them.

Fire - set enemies on fire.

Ice - freeze enemies

Poison - poison enemies

Death - drain life from enemies.

I find the Wind Gem combo with a circle finisher the best technique when 
fighting in close range. You can send many enemies helplessly spinning 
while you take on the rest.

Shadow Keep - Shadow Keep

You need to look for levers here. Moving around, you will find 2 areas with 
a chasm. You need to flip a lever to turn on a bridge so that you can cross 
the chasm. The levers to turn on the bridges are located on the left and 
right wing of a locked gate with a save point in front. The left wing 
region contains Soul Shard #19. After crossing the 2 chasms and flip the 
levers found there, the locked gate will open. Proceed to the East Grand 

Shadow Keep - East Grand Hall

Move around until meet the Yuan-ti King. Noticed that it is a square room 
with 3 exits on each side. What about the fourth side? Well, there is a 
secret area there and you will find Soul Shard #20. There are 2 exits to 
West Grand Hall, it's doesn't matter which way you pick.

Shadow Keep - West Grand Hall

Nothing here, just looks for a cave with a Giant Spider. Defeat it and 
proceed to Shadow Spire 1.

Shadow Keep - Shadow Spire 1

Move on and defeat Kaedin once. Proceed to Shadow Spire 2.

Shadow Keep - Shadow Spire 2

Fight Kaedin again. He will teleport away after taking some damage. Proceed 
to Shadow Spire 3.

Shadow Keep - Shadow Spire 3

Finally, the last battle with Kaedin. Use your Ancestral Weapon to defeat 
him. Watch the Gems displayed beside his HP bar. Select any of the Gems 
listed there and use melee attack on him. Attack him until he runs of out 
Gems. Finish him off to see the end game.

You will be given a chance to save your game so that you can import your 
character in a new game or multiplayer game.

Well done, you had completed the game!

6. Acknowledgement

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soulforger90 (Scott Irwin) from GameFAQs D&D Heroes forum [2].
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